New Property Developments in Mong Kok

151 - 319 Sqft
Studio - 2 bed(s)
Sino-Ocean Group
- 9.05M
262 - 374 Sqft
Studio - 2 bed(s)
Urban Renewal Authority, Sino Land, Chuang's Consortium
- 11.49M
202 - 267 Sqft
Studio - 1 bed(s)
Wang On Group
- 8.14M
152 - 228 Sqft
Studio bed(s)
Excel Billion (hk) Limited, Chun Wo Development
- 7.29M
286 - 742 Sqft
1 - 2 bed(s)
Hip Shing Hong Group
- 15.06M
New Developments in Mong Kok

Mong Kok is the epitome of the hustle, bustle, crowdedness, and vibrancy in Hong Kong. Sitting at the heart of Kowloon, it is undoubtedly one of, if not the, most accessible neighbourhood in the city.The neighbourhood is known for its spider web of streets formed by food stalls and cheap buys, for example the Ladies Market. Deafening noises and blinding neon lights are common complaints by the residents here.But that doesn’t represent the whole neighbourhood. If you choose the right new developments in Mong Kok, chances are you will barely see or hear the lively scene taking place in the nearby area. Located just a little off the main streets, these new builds gives you the accessibility that some can never dream of.As Mong Kok is overly saturated as it is by clusters of old walk-ups, new builds in this neighbourhood are rare. Keep an eye on them on Spacious today.

New Developments in Hong Kong