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Kai Tak

Welcome to Kai Tak

Neighbourhood Features

Kai Tak is situated in the southeastern part of Kowloon. Since the relocation of the old Kai Tak Airport in 1998, a large-scale development plan has been phased in, aiming to transform the southeastern part of Kowloon into Hong Kong's second core business district (CBD2).

The comprehensive plan covers government, institutional and community facilities, residential areas, as well as commercial and recreational spaces, spanning over 320 hectares. In addition to the former airport and runway sites, it also includes the adjacent areas of To Kwa Wan, Kwun Tong, and the waterfront at Cha Kwo Ling. As a key hub for new housing supply and an area with billions in supporting facilities, Kai Tak integrates residence, office, shopping, culture, entertainment, and sports in one, showcasing unlimited development potential.

Residential Distribution

Residential developments are concentrated in the Kai Tak City Center and the Runway Area, with a focus on new properties. The Kai Tak City Center serves as the downtown area of the Kai Tak development, adjacent to the MTR Kai Tak Station, Kai Tak Sports Park, underground streets, and multiple commercial buildings, providing convenience for daily living. Private residences in this area include Oasis Kai Tak, Vibe Centro, Victoria Skye, K・City, K・Summit, The Latitude, Upper Riverbank, Henley Park, Monaco and One Kai Tak. Additionally, there are subsidized housing projects such as Kai Long Court and Kai Ching Estate.

The "Runway Area" consists mainly of private residential developments with green garden landscapes, sea views, and tourism facilities, creating a more leisurely atmosphere. Private residences in this area include One Victoria, Miami Quay Phase 1 Miami Quay I, and Pano Harbour, among others.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Upper Riverbank HK$15.00M 585 Sqft HK$25,641 3 Floor E 2
2023-04-28 Upper Riverbank HK$59.50M 1619 Sqft HK$36,751 - B 2
2023-04-27 K・Summit HK$7.90M 483 Sqft HK$16,356 1 Floor D 2
2023-04-27 Monaco Phase 1 HK$18.06M 678 Sqft HK$26,637 2 Floor B
2023-04-27 Monaco Phase 1 HK$19.58M 678 Sqft HK$28,879 3 Floor B
2023-04-27 Victoria Skye HK$27.57M 460/1054 Sqft HK$26,157 3 Floor C 5
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Kai Tak Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Kai Tak are
43% higher
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Kai Tak Hong Kong