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In recent years, there’s been an explosion in the number of co-working space and serviced office options in Hong Kong. The office market in Hong Kong has never been more dynamic. Spacious helps businesses to navigate the evolving co-working and serviced office market. Spacious has curated the best office inventory from Hong Kong’s leading co-working space and serviced office providers.

The old rule of thumb in the office market was that if you had more than 6 people in your office, it started to make economic sense to have your own dedicated office space. But as the nature of work has evolved, all types and sizes of business are finding advantages in flexible workspaces. A co-working space or serviced office can help attract top talent by offering expanded services and community building events.

Serviced Office: Serviced offices (also referred to as Business Centers) is typically used by established companies. Served offices tend to have a more formal office design and feel. Companies can save on deposits and renovation fees by using a serviced office versus a traditional office. Additionally, serviced office space has more flexible lease terms, allowing your business to evolve and grow more easily. Modern serviced offices typically make available services like telephone and internet, receptionists, high tech meeting rooms and shared office equipment, as well as coffee machines and pantries.

Co-working Space: A Co-working space typically has more of an open plan design and are focused on creating a collaborative community. Co-working spaces tend to be favored by freelancers, start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses. Open plan areas and floors host shared working areas, hot desks, and cafes. However, many co-working providers have dedicated office floors and are suitable for larger more established companies, while still delivering community benefits. To foster community, co-working spaces often host networking and professional development events.