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Lohas Park

Welcome to Lohas Park

Neighbourhood Features

Lohas Park is a large private housing estate located in the Siu Chik Sha area of Tseung Kwan O. It is part of the Tseung Kwan O New Town and is situated above the MTR Tseung Kwan O Station. The Lohas Park is a comprehensive development that includes residential buildings, shopping malls, parks, and a waterfront promenade.

The development plan for Lohas Park consists of 14 phases, built along the coast with a backdrop of mountains and a seafront view. After completion, it became the largest private housing estate in Hong Kong. The distance between each residential complex, combined with abundant greenery, ensures a high level of privacy.

Being a reclaimed area near a landfill, the early residents of Lohas Park experienced odor issues. The situation improved after the landfill stopped accepting domestic waste. To the west of Lohas Park is the Tseung Kwan O Chinese Permanent Cemetery, and residents on the western side may have views of the cemetery. With the government's development of Area 137 in Tseung Kwan O, there are plans for further reclamation in the waters off Lohas Park to create a new community.

The estate features a large 480,000-square-foot shopping mall called "The LOHAS," offering a wide range of dining options and various shops for daily necessities. Moreover, there is The Park, a 400-meter-long waterfront promenade, and each phase of residential development is equipped with private clubhouse facilities and gardens, providing a well-rounded community experience. Apart from the railway advantage, the Tseung Kwan O-Lam Tin Tunnel and Tseung Kwan O Cross-Bay Link also enhance the road transportation network within the area.

Residential Distribution

Closest to the MTR Lohas Park Station are developments like Lohas Park Phase 3A Hemera, Lohas Park Phase 5A Malibu, and Lohas Park Phase 11B Villa Garda I. These complexes provide convenient access to public transportation and the nearby amenities of the emerging town center.

Adjacent to The Park, one encounters residences such as Lohas Park Phase 4A Wings At Sea, Lohas Park Phase 4B Wings At Sea II, Lohas Park Phase 7A Montara, and Lohas Park Phase 7B Grand Montara. These offer a balance between proximity to nature and the convenience of the park's recreational facilities. For those seeking waterfront views, Lohas Park Phase 8 Sea To Sky, Lohas Park Phase 9A Marini, Lohas Park Phase 9B Grand Marini, Lohas Park Phase 9C Ocean Marini, Lohas Park Phase 10 LP10, and Lohas Park Phase 6 LP6 are situated along the coast. These residences provide not only a pleasant living environment but also the serenity of the sea.

In the direction of Environmental Protection Boulevard and at a distance from LOHAS Station, you will find Lohas Park Phase 1 The Capitol, Lohas Park Phase 2A Le Prestige, Lohas Park Phase 2B Le Prime, and Lohas Park Phase 2C La Splendeur. While slightly removed from the immediate transport hub, these areas offer a quieter living atmosphere, providing a variety of options for residents within the expansive Lohas Park community.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Lohas Park HK$10.60M 784 Sqft HK$13,520 2 Floor Rd 15
2023-04-28 Lohas Park HK$12.98M 949 Sqft HK$13,678 3 Floor Rb 15
2023-04-28 Lohas Park HK$11.19M 760 Sqft HK$14,724 1 Floor B 15
2023-04-27 Lohas Park HK$11.25M 794 Sqft HK$14,169 3 Floor Ra 15
2023-04-27 Lohas Park HK$9.60M 735 Sqft HK$13,061 3 Floor Lc 15
2023-04-26 Lohas Park HK$8.62M 680 Sqft HK$12,676 6 Floor Rc 15
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Lohas Park are
54% lower
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Lohas Park Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Lohas Park are
18% higher
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Lohas Park Hong Kong
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