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Haunted Houses in Hong Kong

Building Neighbourhood Description Date
DAWNING VIEWS Fanling 20 year-old Chinese University medical student committed suicide due to academic pressure 2016-03-05
Palm Springs Nam Sang Wai 2 year-old fell into mysterious coma and died 2016-02-27
Wah Lai Court Prince Edward Man in financial trouble committed charcoal-burning suicide 2016-02-24
SIU LUNG COURT Tuen Mun Baby's skin turned purple and died suddenly 2016-02-21
Nan Hai Mansion Kennedy Town Man fell from apartment unit and died upon arrival at hospital 2016-02-14
Tin Shing Court Kwun Tong North Middle-aged man committed suicide due to long term suffering from mood disorder 2016-02-11
KINGSWOOD VILLAS Tin Shui Wai Man committed suicide by burning after knocking girlfriend unconscious 2016-02-06
PARKSIDE VILLA Yuen Long One-month baby fell in a coma and died upon arrival at hospital 2016-02-04
Island Resort Siu Sai Wan Woman jumped off building due to work and relationship issues 2016-02-02
Pat Heung Village House Yuen Long Helper and employer died in a fire 2016-01-30
Tai Po Centre Tai Po 30 year-old woman hanged herself due to work issues 2016-01-30
Ko Hong House Yau Tong Wife of fireman in financial trouble and suspected husband of infidelity committed suicide 2016-01-28
Shui Chiu San Tsuen Yuen Long Filipino maid hanged herself due to struggle with illness and family issues 2016-01-18
Pacific View Stanley Singaporean boy fell from building after argument with family 2016-01-18
Wing Hing Lung Building Prince Edward Helper lost balance and fell from building 2016-01-13
Lung Tsai Tsuen Cheung Chau 70 year-old woman fell off ladder and died of head injuries 2016-01-12
Standard Building Sham Shui Po Woman hanged herself due to marital issues 2016-01-12
180, Hai Tan Street Sham Shui Po Woman suspected husband of infidelity jumped off building 2016-01-07
Central Park Tai Kok Tsui Middle-aged man jumped off building due to illness 2016-01-05
Earl Gardens Kowloon City Filipino maid in debt and committed suicide in empty apartment unit 2016-01-05