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Tin Shui Wai

Welcome to Tin Shui Wai

Neighbourhood Features

Tin Shui Wai is located in the northwestern part of the New Territories. Originally, the land in Tin Shui Wai was sold by the government to developers. However, in order to develop a new town, the government repurchased the land from developers for residential and commercial purposes.

In 1992, the first public housing estate in Tin Shui Wai, Tin Yiu (1) Estate, was completed. Subsequently, private residential projects were gradually introduced, leading to an increase in the local population. In the 1990s, the Light Rail line was introduced in the Tin Shui Wai area, and with the opening of the Tai Lam Tunnel, the local transportation network was significantly improved.

The community has well-established facilities, including cultural and recreational amenities, sports fields, schools, swimming pools, hospitals, and several estate shopping malls such as +WOO and Kingswood Richly Plaza, meeting basic living needs. The area is home to the 61-hectare Hong Kong Wetland Park, offering natural ecology and beautiful scenery, adding a unique landscape to the community.

Residential Distribution

Residential developments in the area are mainly concentrated in the city center, along Tin Shui Road and Tin Tsz Road. Residences near the city center are close to the West Rail Tin Shui Wai Station, and multiple housing estates are scattered around Tin Shui Wai Park. Private developments in this area include Kingswood Villas Phase 1 Locwood Court, Kingswood Villas Phase 2 Sherwood Court, Kingswood Villas Phase 3 Chestwood Court, and Central Park Towers. Additionally, there are large public housing estates such as Tin Yiu Estate, Tin Shui Estate, Tin Wah Estate, and subsidized housing estates like Tin Chung Court, Tin Oi Court, and Tin Shing Court. These developments enjoy the convenience of proximity to the railway station and offer large green landscapes.

Tin Shui Road is primarily home to public housing estates such as Tin Hang Estate, Tin Chak Estate, Tin Yan Estate, and subsidized housing like Tin Fu Court. Towards the west, Tin Shui Road overlooks the Tin Shui Wai River, with the northern side adjacent to the Wetland Park. Next to the park is Wetland Seasons Bay, a relatively newer private residential development with expansive views of natural ecology, providing a tranquil environment.

As for the area around Tin Tsz Road, it mainly features large private residential developments such as Kingswood Villas Phase 5 Lynwood Court, Kingswood Villas Phase 6 Maywood Court, and Kingswood Villas Phase 7 Kenswood Court. These developments enjoy lush green surroundings and beautiful scenery. Near the Light Rail station on Tin Tsz Road, there is subsidized housing called Tin Lai Court.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Kingswood Villas HK$5.75M 709/552 Sqft HK$10,417 1 Floor H 30
2023-04-28 Tin Chung Court HK$4.48M 854/650 Sqft HK$6,892 2 Floor 5 24
2023-04-28 Tin Chung Court HK$4.48M 829/650 Sqft HK$6,892 2 Floor 5 24
2023-04-28 Tin Shing Court HK$5.30M 828 Sqft 1 Floor 4 24
2023-04-28 Tin Shing Court HK$4.98M 828 Sqft 3 Floor 8 24
2023-04-28 Central Park Towers HK$7.20M 648/698 Sqft HK$10,315 3 Floor H
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Tin Shui Wai Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Tin Shui Wai are
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Tin Shui Wai Hong Kong