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Fo Tan

Welcome to Fo Tan

Neighbourhood Features

Fo Tan is situated north of the Sha Tin and south of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Initially, it served as the primary industrial zone for the Sha Tin New Town. The area around Fo Tan Station and Fo Tan Road was dotted with industrial buildings. However, in recent years, due to renovation and revitalization efforts, rental prices have increased, prompting many tenants to gradually relocate.

Since the 1980s, there has been a significant development of medium and low-density private residences, followed by the government's initiative to develop public housing. To further promote urban development, the government decided to demolish some industrial buildings and redevelop them into public housing. This comprehensive development includes a cooked food market and a bus station, addressing the ongoing housing needs.

Beyond the Fo Tan industrial area, traditional villages have been preserved, and nearby streets are even named after these villages. The district boasts rich community facilities, including the Shatin Galleria, Jubilee Square, Sui Wo Court Shopping Centre and Plaza Ascot, providing ample amenities for residents' daily lives. With the opening of the East Rail Line's cross-harbor section, the journey from Fo Tan Station to Admiralty Station now takes only about 24 minutes, significantly reducing travel time for residents crossing the harbor.

Residential Distribution

Residential properties in the area are primarily concentrated on both sides of Fo Tan Road. The residences near Sha Tin are more scattered, mainly comprising low-density hillside luxury homes like Garden Villa, Sha Tin 33, Ville De Cascade, and Scenery Garden, interspersed with some subsidized housing such as Sui Wo Court and Choi Wo Court. This area is relatively far from the MTR station, requiring minibus connections.

On the other side of Fo Tan Road, closer to Fo Tan Station, residents enjoy the advantage of proximity to the railway, and residential buildings are more concentrated. Private estates in this area include The Arles, The Palazzo, The Grandville, Shatin Lodge, Eden Gardens, Jubilee Garden, Hill Lodge, and Ka Mei Garden. Additionally, this area features villages like Pat Tsz Wo Village and subsidized housing like Yuk Wo Court.

Above the Racecourse Station is Royal Ascot, while the vicinity of the Racecourse is primarily composed of detached houses, including Laurna Villa, Juniper Villa, Rosary Villas, and Haywood Villa. Backed by Kau To Shan and near the Ping Fok Park, residents here can enjoy a tranquil environment surrounded by greenery.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-27 Sui Wo Court HK$4.88M 538/473 Sqft HK$10,317 3 Floor 7 43
2023-04-27 Royal Ascot HK$11.68M 1206/1039 Sqft HK$11,242 9 Floor H 27
2023-04-27 Ficus Garden HK$7.88M 661 Sqft HK$11,921 6 Floor E 32
2023-04-26 Greenwood Terrace HK$13.30M 1360/1143 Sqft HK$11,636 2 Floor C 36
2023-04-26 The Grandville HK$10.80M 1008/790 Sqft HK$13,671 2 Floor C 17
2023-04-26 The Grandville HK$10.80M 1008/790 Sqft HK$13,671 2 Floor C 17
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Fo Tan are
44% lower
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Fo Tan Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Fo Tan are
14% higher
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Fo Tan Hong Kong