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Kwai Chung

Welcome to Kwai Chung

Neighbourhood Features

Kwai Chung is located in the southwest of the New Territories, forming the Kwai Tsing District with Tsing Yi. It can be divided into Upper Kwai Chung, Middle Kwai Chung, and Lower Kwai Chung. Upper and Lower Kwai Chung focus on residential development, while Middle Kwai Chung has more industrial buildings. Since the 1960s, with the gradual development of Tsuen Wan, the development expanded to the Kwai Chung area. And with the completion of the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals, it further propelled the development of Kwai Chung, driving the demand for residential properties in the area.

In Kwai Chung, there are several factory buildings and public housing estates, along with the addition of various public facilities such as the Kwai Tsing Theatre and Kwai Chung Sports Ground, to meet the rising population's lifestyle needs. Additionally, there are shopping and entertainment hubs like Metroplaza and Kwai Chung Plaza, with numerous restaurants and various shops, making them popular choices for residents.

In terms of transportation, the area has Kwai Hing Station, Kwai Fong Station, Lai King Station, connecting the Tsuen Wan Line and Tung Chung Line. There are also multiple bus and minibus routes to various districts in Hong Kong.

Residential Distribution

Residential areas in the region can be mainly divided into Upper, Middle, and Lower Kwai Chung. Lower Kwai Chung, in the southern part, mainly includes part of Lai King and Kwai Fong. The residential buildings in this area are older, mostly subsidized housing or other subsidized housing like Yuet Lai Court, Yin Lai Court, Highland Park. Public housing estates, including Cho Yiu Chuen and Lai Yiu Estate are present, together with a few private properties like Horizon Place, Wealthy Garden and Hang King Garden.

Middle Kwai Chung covers Kwai Hing, Kwai Fong, and Kwai Shing. It also has subsidized housing like Kwai Hong Court and Kwai Yin Court, as well as private properties such as Sun Kwai Hing Gardens, Wonderland Villas and Regency Park. This area is relatively lively, close to shopping centers, and has comprehensive lifestyle amenities.

Upper Kwai Chung refers to areas like Shek Lei, Shek Yam, and Lei Muk Shue. This part mainly consists of public housing estates like Shek Lei Estate, with a few private properties like The Apex, Kwai Sing Centre, etc. This area is relatively far from MTR stations and requires taking buses or minibusses to connect to the subway.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Yi Fung Court HK$5.92M 805/407 Sqft HK$14,545 3 Floor 4 25
2023-04-28 Yi Fung Court HK$5.92M 507/645 Sqft HK$9,178 3 Floor 4 25
2023-04-28 Kwai Fong Terrace HK$5.62M 590/473 Sqft HK$11,882 1 Floor C 40
2023-04-28 Kwai Fong Terrace HK$5.62M 590/473 Sqft HK$11,882 1 Floor C 40
2023-04-28 Greenknoll Court HK$4.95M 555/456 Sqft HK$10,855 1 Floor B 32
2023-04-28 Greenknoll Court HK$4.95M 555/456 Sqft HK$10,855 1 Floor B 32
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