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Tsing Yi

Welcome to Tsing Yi

Neighbourhood Features

Tsing Yi, situated in the southwest of the New Territories, is also known as Tsing Yi Island. Originally part of the Tsuen Wan district, it later combined with Kwai Chung to form the Kwai Tsing district. Since the development of new towns in the 1970s, Tsing Yi Island has witnessed the establishment of numerous essential infrastructures, including the Lantau Link, Airport Railway, Ting Kau Bridge, Stonecutters Bridge, and the construction of Container Terminal 9, transforming it into a pivotal transportation hub.

With the completion of these major infrastructures, transportation facilities have become more sophisticated, gradually evolving the area into a residential community. The district boasts abundant community facilities, such as large and estate shopping malls, government buildings, Tsing Yi Market, public libraries, swimming pools, and sports fields.

Tsing Yi features a waterfront promenade and the Tsing Yi Nature Trails, offering residents the opportunity to appreciate delightful sea views and enjoy hiking. It also preserves traditional customs, as seen in the annual Tsing Yi Bamboo Theatre celebration, which includes not only traditional opera performances but also a variety of street snacks, adding a festive touch.

Residential Distribution

Residential developments are concentrated around Tsing Yi Station, the city center, Tsing Yi West Road, and Tsing Hong Road. Examples include Tierra Verde and Villa Esplanada, situated above Tsing Yi Station and in close proximity to private residences. These benefit from the convenience of the railway and are adjacent to the large shopping mall, Tsing Yi City, providing comprehensive lifestyle amenities.

Around the city center, there are estates such as Tivoli Garden, Serene Garden, Broadview Garden, and Tsing Yi Garden, all within walking distance of the MTR station. Additionally, they are near public facilities like sports fields and swimming pools, ensuring well-rounded support.

In the area around Tsing Yi Road West and Ching Hong Road, developments like Mayfair Gardens, Greenfield Garden, Mount Haven, The Met・Azure, Rambler Crest, and The Grand Marine are present. There are also subsidized housing options like Greenview Villa, which, although farther from the MTR station, offers a relatively tranquil environment with lower building density. Furthermore, several public housing estates are scattered throughout the district, including Cheung On Estate, Cheung Ching Estate, Cheung Hong Estate, Cheung Wang Estate, and Cheung Hang Estate.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Tierra Verde HK$11.05M 902/675 Sqft HK$16,370 2 Floor E 24
2023-04-28 Greenview Villa HK$4.80M 543/449 Sqft HK$10,690 2 Floor C 8
2023-04-27 Rambler Crest HK$5.38M 683/488 Sqft HK$11,025 7 Floor C 20
2023-04-27 Rambler Crest HK$5.68M 683/485 Sqft HK$11,711 3 Floor B 20
2023-04-27 The Bloomsway HK$6.95M 612 Sqft HK$11,356 7 Floor C 5
2023-04-27 Mount Haven HK$6.80M 674/548 Sqft HK$12,409 1 Floor C 24
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