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How To Handle Overseas Properties: Interviewing Kathleen Peddicord, Expert in Overseas Investments

Kathleen Peddicord, the author of HOW TO BUY REAL ESTATE OVERSEAS, is an expert in overseas investments with over 25 years of experience. She’s the publisher and founder of LIVE AND INVEST OVERSEAS. During a discussion with Spacious, she discussed the basics of overseas properties investments, common mistakes and provided advice on how to get started and specifically which place you should be looking. …

Asif Ghafoor - December 7, 2016

Singapore: an upbeat investor sentiment in the city

Properties at the upper echelons of Singapore’s residential property market are now cheap and consequently investor-friendly due to government’s cooling measures and deflation of Singapore currency. This represents a “very attractive” environment for those high net worth individuals who are looking into purchases of multiple apartments in Singapore. BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE Singapore is the most economically advanced country in …

Asif Ghafoor - December 2, 2016

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Malaysia

Malaysia is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia and Thailand. It is now an upper middle income, export-oriented economy, with a vision of becoming a developed economy by 2020. 1. ONE BELT & ONE ROAD Malaysia has a lot to benefit from the OBOR project, as it will create tremendous opportunities in transportation, tourism, trade, and industrial …

Asif Ghafoor - November 25, 2016

China’s One Belt One Road Initiative – Vietnam

WHAT IS BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE? China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an ambitious and multifaceted strategy aimed at boosting the flow of trade, capital and services between China and the rest of the word, this involves over 65 countries, which together account for 29% of global GDP and 63% of the world’s population. The “Belt” part of “Belt …

Asif Ghafoor - November 18, 2016

Selling to Chinese Buyers? Here’s 5 tips for you!

Chinese Buyers are become increasingly active in the global real estate markets, and they have definitely been a driving force behind the property scene in Hong Kong. For property sellers or even landlords out there, being contacted by Chinese buyers is inevitable and here’s some tips to how to handle the situation:   Mandarin Speaking Mandarin is a plus, because …

Asif Ghafoor - July 4, 2016

5 things you didn’t know about Liverpool

When many people think about Liverpool, it’s usually centered around the football team. However, this coastal city north of Wales has many secrets that you might not know about. Having celebrated its 800th founding anniversary in 2007, there’s no doubt that Liverpool has a lot of history under its belt. Since it’s a popular city for Hong Kongers to visit …

Asif Ghafoor - May 26, 2016

5 reasons why living in London is great

A lot of Hong Kongers are living in London, and even more students who had studied abroad in the UK ended up in the capital of the United Kingdom as well. Voted as the top city to visit by Tripadvisor for several years, what is so great about this city and why does everyone want to live there? Since I …

Asif Ghafoor - May 12, 2016