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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Malaysia

Overseas Property | November 25, 2016

Malaysia is the third largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia and Thailand. It is now an upper middle income, export-oriented economy, with a vision of becoming a developed economy by 2020.


Malaysia has a lot to benefit from the OBOR project, as it will create tremendous opportunities in transportation, tourism, trade, and industrial development that in return will create more employment opportunities in the country.

Malaysia is also a preferred location for many high-technology, knowledge-based and capital intensive industries resulting in strong demand or both residential and commercial properties.


The Malaysian real estate market has been on fire since about 2011, with prices increasing roughly 30 to 35 percent in the past 5 years.

Investors are optimistic regards its real estate market due to many factors supporting housing demand such as young population base, healthy employment situation, urbanization trends and etc. The property market in Malaysia may peak in 2020, so it is just about time to invest.


Today, the medical care in Malaysia on par with the best in the world; where innovation and international expertise are key. Healthcare in Malaysia has drawn hundreds of thousands of patients every year to visit the country through “Medical Tourism”.

Government hospitals in Malaysia are now the pillar of the nation’s health care system that guarantees cheap and affordable health services. There are also an increasing number of private hospitals in Malaysia, providing world-class health care services, the charges imposed by these private entities could be mind boggling.


The high-speed rail (HSR) project connecting Singapore and Kuala Lumpur will have seven stops in Malaysia.

The shorter traveling time will translate to a virtually shorter distance between Malaysia and Singapore. This will narrow down the property price difference between Singapore and KL, which means KL properties price will increase gradually and try to match Singapore property price.

Moving forward, Greater KL/KV’s aspiration to achieve a 50 percent public transport modal share by 2020 will need to be supported by an increase in coverage and capacity of urban rail.

The proposed MRT system for Greater KL/ KV will span 141 kilometers with three major routes serving a radius of 20 kilometers of the city center. The system is estimated to be able to carry up to 2 million riders by 2020, serving 11 percent of total trips within Greater KL/KV and 64 percent of travel in and out of the KL city center.


This plan is aimed to envision Malaysia as a fully developed country economically, socially, politically and spiritually by the year 2020.

Malaysia government is planning to spend one hundred seventy-two billion Malaysian Ringgit in order to achieve a top-20 ranking in city economic growth while being among the global top-20 most liveable cities by 2020. The country is further going to attracting 100 of the world’s most dynamic firms within priority sectors.

Further, in order to fulfil employment demand, Greater Kuala Lumpur’s population will need to grow from 6 million in 2010 to 10 million by 2020, representing a significant increase in the pace of growth of 5.6 percent per year.

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