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New Property Development
Second Hand Listings
Costs Of Purchasing
United States Property
Transaction Costs
Attorney $500 - $3000
Appraisal (Second-hand only) $200 - $500
Inspection $300 - $500
Third-party Escrow Service $600 - $1200
Title $300 - $600
Escrow fee $50 - $120
Registration fee Between $80 - $100
Mortgage Costs
Loan Program 30-year, 15-year, 7-year, 5-year, 3-year
Down payment Foreigner Buyers: 40%-50%
Loan Amount Down payment: 50%, Loan:50% (40% down payment if conditions are satisfied)
Interest Rate 5-year interest rate: 4%
7-year interest rate: 4.25%(by 2016/3)
Handling Fees
Bank Charges 700 - 900 USD
Title Insurance Around 0.24% of loan amount
Origination fee 0.5 - 2% of loan amount
Mortgage Broker's Fee 1% of loan amount
Mortgage Recording Tax Based on different State (New York State: 2%, California: N/A)
Costs of Ownership
Property Tax Assesement * Tax Rate(Based on different State from 1-3%)
Insurance Around $100 per month
Management Fee Depends on property types (between 0.3-2.8%)
Rental Administration Costs
Property Rental Management Fee 6% of annual rental fee+ 1 month rental fee
Personal Income Tax 5 different tax categories: 15%/25%/28%/33%/35%
Costs Upon Sale
Property Gain Tax Interest rate*tax rate (US federal tax rates, profits*15%)
Handling fee $300 - $700
Broker's fee 5% - 8% of closing price
Registration Fee $80 - $100
Escrow Fee $600 - $1200
Notary Fee Around $120
Title insurance policy 3.5‰
Warranty Fee Around $350
Realty Transfer Tax $300 - $600
Inheritance Tax Taxes estates beginning at $65 million, progressive tax rate, up to 55% tax rate, (NY:16% tax rate)
Gift Tax Taxes estates beginning at $65 million, progressive tax rate, up to 55% tax rate

Properties in United States

New Property Development
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