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Billionaires - which city is home to the most?

Overseas Property | April 7, 2016

The modern world is full of opportunities. There is money to be made by those who are brave and daring enough – creating billionaires across the globe. So which city is home to the highest numbers of billionaire?

According to statista’s statistics, there are 826 billionaires in the top 20 billionaire cities alone. Beijing crowns the top with 100 billionaires, with New York scraping a close second at 95. It seems that China is catching up quickly in the game of billionaires, since our very own home town Hong Kong ranks at number 4 at 64, losing only by 2 billionaires to Moscow. London and Shanghai drew a tie with 50 billionaires, and Shenzhen snagged 7th place with 46.
Statistic: The top 20 cities with the most billionaires in 2016 | Statista
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Looking at the top 20, over half of the cities on the list are in Asia and it’s safe to say that Europe is losing ground in comparison with only London, Paris and Istanbul on the list. In fact, China tallied up to a total of 315 billionaires (including Taipei) in comparison to only 144 in US! Aside from the obvious candidates such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, China’s other billionaire cities: Hangzhou and Shenzhen are a bit of a black horse, both beating Paris and San Francisco.

Fish market in Mumbai, India
Fish market in Mumbai, India

India has also got two cities on the list, with Mumbai taking number 8 and New Delhi and number 20. South America is on the rise as well, with Sao Paulo hijacks at number 17 beating Los Angeles by 2 billionaires.

Coming back to Hong Kong, one of the top billionaires in Hong Kong is Li Ka Shing, who has recently been named as the 20th richest person on Earth by Forbes. Making his fortune from the real estate business, he has an estimated net worth of USD$34 Billion. Forbes has named him the richest man in Asia by Forbes in November 2015; and is known to be a generous philanthropist.


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