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[Infographic] Hong Kong's Office Cost vs Other Countries

Overseas Property | February 10, 2015

Even though we live in a digital world now, most of the people still work in office buildings around the world and not our homes. When I was younger, people who dressed up in shirts and blazers walking in and out of glass buildings seems awfully sophisticated to me. They move in masses, clutching laptop cases or sleek handbags, weaving through the crowd like a pack of top predators. And they eat lunch together in beautiful restaurants with lunch menus, and use a swipe card to enter their office building and doors. The above behavior is especially evident in the business district of Admiralty and Central in Hong Kong. Almost every sky-walk and every high rise is home to these white collars who commute daily to work.

However, like all things in life: an office cost money to rent (unless you own the building, but how many companies can go and buy one outright?). Have you ever wondered just how much your company is paying for an office? Or that company in the glass panel skyscraper? And how much that cost is compared to the other big cities around the world?

hong kong office costWell, according to the infographic, the costs of an office in Hong Kong are among the highest around the world. Although we shouldn’t be surprised, given just how expensive our housings are. Hong Kong is a staggering twenty thousand US dollars per square meter higher than the second city on the list: Tokyo, with the Big Apple New York in third place another ten thousand US dollars lower. Considering most offices are of a reasonable size, these numbers stacked up to make astronomical rents just for the company to have a physical space. And let’s not forget there are the costs of equipment, electricity, water, security and what not…


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