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9 Tips To Make It Easy To Buy A Car In Hong Kong

From selecting a heritage car make, comparing luxury models, down to getting a license, and finding the right dealership, here’s a guide on things to look at before you decide to buy a car in Hong Kong Making the decision to buy a car in Hong Kong can be stressful. Looking at busy roads and all those gorgeous and luxurious …

Spacious - June 23, 2020

Top 7 Tips To Make Buying Watches in Hong Kong Easy

Watches in Hong Kong have for the past three decades been a significant contributor to tourism in the country. And, there is little doubt that Hong Kong is a watch buyer’s wonderland. Millions of quality timepiece hunters from around the world flock to Hong Kong every year in search of valuable Hong Kong Vintage Watches and Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers, …

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Top 5 Pet-Friendly Housing Options for Hong Kong

As a cat or dog owner, buying or renting a flat in Hong Kong means you’ll have an extra clause or two to deal with. Hong Kong landlords and estate management aren’t exactly known for their pet friendliness. Most often home sellers will make the ‘no pet’ policy visible in their listings, but sometimes you will only know when you …

Spacious - May 21, 2020

Hiring Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong: Accommodation Must-Knows

Hong Kong’s frenetic work culture has given rise to the demand for hiring a foreign domestic helper. As of 2019, foreign domestic helpers have covered over 10% of local households. If you are looking to hire help, it is essential to acquaint yourself with your responsibilities and liabilities towards the helper as an employer. Find an apartment with helper’s quarters …

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The Best 5 Hong Kong Playgroups That Are Worth Your Money

If you have kids in Hong Kong, you definitely need playgroups in your life. But where can you find one that is the best, high quality, close to your neighbourhood and fun for your loved ones? Want to know which ones are worth your time? Check out these 5 playgroups in Hong Kong! 1. Kinder U, Leighton Road – Causeway …

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The Secrets of “Lai See” (Red Packet) for Chinese New Year!

It is almost Chinese New Year and we can see Hong Kongers are busy preparing for the festival. Red packet money, also called “lai see”, is one of the reasons why they are so busy. Hong Kong people are estimated to give nearly HKD 10 billion in “lai see” as gifts during this CNY period. Assuming there are 3 million recipients, …

Spacious - May 13, 2020

Living As An Expat in Hong Kong

With its booming economy and wonderfully cosmopolitan society, Hong Kong is an increasingly popular choice for ex-pats, but what do you need to know to live a comfortable life there? If you’re moving the whole family, how can you make sure that your new situation works for everyone? This guide, which draws on the experiences of ex-pats living there now, …

Spacious - April 30, 2020