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7 Tips To Make It Easy To Choose Between Private Hospitals In Hong Kong

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  • 7 Tips To Make It Easy To Choose Between Private Hospitals In Hong Kong
  •  |  August 3, 2020

Hospitals in Hong Kong offer exceptional treatments and world-class facilities. Among all the hospitals and healthcare providers, private hospitals ensure that you get personalized care and feel more comfortable while you receive your medical treatment. This higher level of care is the reason more and more people are taking their medical needs private.

You will be treated by only the best specialists in their respective medical fields. Above all, the excellent medical teams on hand will ensure you make a full recovery.

5 Things To Think About When Choosing A Private Hong Kong Healthcare Facility

Choosing a private hospital in Hong Kong is by no means easy. There are several things you need to consider. As good as they are, a quick search online will reveal many unsatisfied patients. Besides, Hong Kong private hospitals charge much higher prices and you want to make sure you pick the right one.

Imagine something unexpected happens and you are hospitalized. You want to make sure that the hospital has the right cure for you. You’d expect to receive immediate care. And you want to leave the hospital feeling better than you arrived. When choosing between the many hospitals in Hong Kong, you need to consider a few things:


Did you know that some private healthcare Hong Kong hospitals treat specific illnesses or traumas? Yes, that’s right. Not all hospitals offer all-round services. If you are looking for a specific hospital, you need to make sure that it can serve your needs. Having said this, some hospitals provide a wide range of medical surgeries to deal with infectious diseases, pregnancy-related matters and trauma cases.

High-profile hospitals tend to have the right equipment, the right specialists and even the proper laboratories to get to the root of health problems. Also, hospitals with urgent care facilities are always a win.


The location of your private Hong Kong hospital is vital. You want to receive immediate treatment in emergency conditions. Don’t assume that your nearest hospital will always have the services you need. Research the four nearest hospitals around you so as to save time in case of emergency.


The private hospital you choose in Hong Kong needs to be reputable. You need to trust that when you arrive, you are in the best possible hands, that you will be looked after, and that you will receive the correct treatment. The trust is shown by how hospitals treat patients in a caring and professional manner. The ideal hospital must have an excellent reputation for the highest quality services.


The private hospital you choose must value their patients rather than seeing them as income-generating customers. When you go to the hospital, you expect to heal. Your chosen hospital should be able to offer you this and more. You should place high value on hospitals that provide outstanding services, quick access to medication and world-class equipment.


Look for private hospitals with features supporting the health and wellness of patients. These features could be physical or psychological. The private hospitals with a strong focus on patient wellbeing will always have the latest equipment, the best diagnostics teams, and the cleanest facilities. Many hospitals take this one step further and offer value-added services to help patients on the healing journey, such as the dietary and exercise programs.

7 Tips To Make It Easy To Choose Between Private Hospitals In Hong Kong

What To Expect At Private Hong Kong Hospitals

The world-class standards and treatments offered by private hospitals and healthcare facilities will be delivered by only the best doctors and nurses. You can make appointments that suit you. 

Private healthcare facilities and medical centers also have an extraordinarily high patient-to-nurse ratio to ensure that you get the attention you need whichever condition you’ve been diagnosed with. Your dedicated nursing and doctor teams will take all the necessary time to discuss your situation with you. They will also be on standby to ensure that any discomfort you may have is quickly dealt with.


Hospitals in Hong Kong aim to make you feel more like a guest rather than a patient. When you, as a patient, are relaxed, it promotes healing. Attention is paid to every aspect of your stay. By choosing a private healthcare facility or hospital, you will have access to a private room with en-suite facilities where you can recover after medical treatment or surgery.

You can expect a television, nurse calling system, telephone and radio in the room. Many modern private hospitals also offer free WiFi to help you keep your loved ones up to date with your condition. Your private healthcare room will be serviced before you arrive, and you can walk into a five-star hospital room with clean linen and towels as well as complimentary toiletries. Private hospital rooms allow you to recover in a peaceful environment where your visitors can visit you in private.


Your chosen private hospital will provide you with several dietary options daily. All meals will be delivered to your room. Menus change every day, and you will usually have three to four different meals to choose from. The meals on offer are hand-selected by an in-house dietitian with an aim to speed up your recovery. Should you have specific dietary requirements, you can discuss with your doctor or nurse.

Hospital Cleanliness

Private hospitals and healthcare facilities in Hong Kong have placed high importance on the cleanliness of the amenities. You can be assured that cleaning staff work around the clock to ensure the highest standard of hygiene. During your stay at a private hospital in Hong Kong, your room will be cleaned every day, before you arrive and after you have left. Common areas and bedrooms are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.


Hospitals in Hong Kong, especially private hospitals, aim to ensure that your stay in their facilities is as comfortable as possible. Many of the top private hospitals in Hong Kong offer value-added services such as hairdressing and laundry. You can arrange for the hospital to deliver your newspaper or magazine subscription to your room. You may even find that private hospitals and healthcare facilities in Hong Kong offer routine beauty services for private clients.

7 Tips To Make It Easy To Choose Between Private Hospitals In Hong Kong

Choosing A Hong Kong Hospital

With all the options available in Hong Kong, you need to make sure that you choose the right hospital or private healthcare facility that suits your needs. Your first step in doing this is to do a comparison between them. Pay special attention to their ethos, locations and services.

You need to make sure that the hospital you choose is within traveling distance from your home. This will minimize the time going to hospital in case of an emergency. It also saves travel time for your friends and family members who come to visit you.

Important Questions To Ask

Before booking services in a hospital or healthcare facility in Hong Kong, you should be able to answer the following questions:

• Does the hospital or facility offer the treatment you need?

• Were previous patients satisfied with the care they received?

• What are the accreditation and quality standards earned by them?

• Does the hospital or facility offer ICU units, both in and out of it, in case of an emergency?

• Does the hospital or facility offer aftercare support services?


Private Hong Kong Healthcare Benefits

If you take your medical needs to the private healthcare sector in Hong Kong, you can be assured that you will be receiving services of the highest possible standards. The private healthcare sector in Hong Kong is among the most trustworthy in the world. This has, in turn, led to an increase in the life expectancy of those living in the area. Hong Kong people have enjoyed a long life expectancy between 81 and 88 years.

Private hospitals in Hong Kong boast the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Much of these incredible achievements can be attributed to the skillful healthcare professionals. More than 70 percent of those living in Hong Kong choose private medical facilities. It’s no surprise that private medical facilities are also chosen by those without medical insurance. The level of standard you receive in a Hong Kong private hospital is incomparable.

What Do Hospitals Smell Like?

Hospitals have their distinctive smell. The environment and the smell where you stay will affect your recovery. In general, private hospitals in Hong Kong have the highest hygiene standards. They make a lot of effort to keep all places clean and fresh, for example, putting fresh flowers in the corridors and performing regular cleaning.

How Many Hospitals In Hong Kong?

There are twelve private hospitals in Hong Kong and you can find a complete list of them here. Making the right choice can make your stay more comfortable.


Whether you are looking for specialized medical services or private hospitals, always be sure to find out what they specialize in. Ask the important questions and consider if you need any value-added services.

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