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[Mother's Day 2017] Ideas to Show Your Love and Surprise Your Mom!

Hong Kong Living | May 5, 2017

Mother’s Day is celebrated each year on the second Sunday of May. In 2017, Mother’s Day is on 14th May in Hong Kong. It is always difficult to guess what mom likes, right? It is also embarrassed to admit the fact that you don’t quite understand your mom, right? Don’t be afraid! There is always something that every mom likes and Spacious is here to give you the tips about how to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day!

  1. Write her a card
Image from greetings island.
Image from greetings island.

In the good old days, although technology was not yet so advanced, communication between people seemed to be better. We wrote all sorts of cards, such as birthday card, Christmas card, Mother’s Day card, etc. Our handwriting might not be so pretty but our regards could not be even warmer. Nowadays, Facebook replaced our cards and emojis replaced our handwriting. We express our feelings more rapidly, yet less sincerely. On Mother’s Day, let’s write your mom a card and tell her you love her so much that none of those emojis can fully express! Your mom will definitely be moved upon seeing the card. Unlike electronic greeting card, this card will be a tangible reminiscence that your mom can keep forever.

2. Give her a day off

Image from twitter.
Image from twitter.

There is probably no harder job in the world than being a mother. They have no salary, no vacation, no complaints, but all sorts of work. She cleans the house, cooks for the family, takes care of the children, teaches the children, to name but a few. Day after day, she continues these laborious work without rest, and without complaints. Although she would not tell the truth, she is tired and she needs some rest. On Mother’s Day, let’s give our moms a day off! Let her do what she loves to do and have a day that truly belongs to herself.

3. Cook her a meal

Image from genesis health.
Image from genesis health.

During the different festivals, family reunions are common, and the most common activity for reunion is dining out. Whenever there is a festival coming, people who run the restaurants are the most exciting ones since many families will reserve tables for having a reunion dinner, and that means they will earn a lot of money. In the perspective of moms, the reunion dinner is half happy and half sad. It is happy because she can see all her family members at one time. It is sad because such dinner usually spends a lot of money in an unworthy way. On Mother’s Day, let’s make our moms completely happy! If you cook your mom a meal, you will make her happy for two reasons. First, this saves money. Second, she would definitely enjoy the occasion when she does not need to cook but still has something to eat. After all, such occasion is rare.

In short, the above ideas are just some examples to show you how to concretely express your love to your moms. Most people love their moms, but only few know how to express.

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