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5 Best Gyms in Hong Kong to Get You in Shape

Hong Kong Living | February 14, 2017

Holiday is always the best time to indulge ourselves in the glasses of wines, tremendous amount of food and more-than-enough kind of sleep to recharge our bodies again especially in winter. But don’t forget that right after our not-so-cold winter in Hong Kong, it’s spring! That means we have to dig out our tank tops, hot pants and miniskirts again. And for guys, don’t get me wrong. It’s not only girls’ obligation to keep fit because your tight t-shirts and jeans also reveal your body figures. So we’d all better start hitting the gym to prepare for our sunshine! Here you can find 5 of the best gyms in Hong Kong! Take a look!

1. Ursus Fitness

Ursus Fitness offers us classes of great diversity, for example Strongman, Powerlifting, HIIT/Conditioning, and Muay Thai/Boxing, allowing us to develop peak athletic fitness. Its unique Bear Camp, which is a circuit class, makes you flip tyres, lift beer kegs and Atlas stones for an all-rounded cardio and strength workout to enhance your physical endurance, strength, agility, speed, power and mobility. It will absolutely get your heart pumping fast and have a complete workout!

Since this is such an unconventional training method, professional and enthusiastic trainers are there to assist and challenge you, making sure that we reach our maximum potential! What’s more? It also offers ‘turbo’ versions of their classes, which is 45 minutes per class! You can go to the class even during lunch time! How ideal is that?

source: scmp
source: scmp

2. Fitness First

Fitness First got 9 gyms in different districts, making you can’t blame the long traveling time for not hitting the gym! Here you can opt for various training type, ranging from one-to-one training, freestyle training and group exercises classes to cardio training and strength training.

In other words, no matter you are a beginner who need some help on the workout routine or an experienced one, Fitness First can satisfy all your needs! Also, it provides the innovative CustomFit app, which is a digital training system designed to keep you fit and motivated for life. It features over 800 exercises and a Fitness Logic™ system, so that you can build your own workouts based on your goal and training preferences.

source: fitnessfirst
source: fitnessfirst

3. H-Kore

H-Kore is the only Standing Lagree fitness studio in Hong Kong! It aims to help us strengthen, tighten, and tone our bodies within a short period of time. Some of you may wonder how it can guarantee that. Here’s the answer: multiple muscle Lagree Fitness allows multiple muscles to be trained at the same time. Some of the movements even involve over 600 muscles simultaneously! T

he Megaformer machine magnifies the workout effect By keeping our bodies intense in the fast-paced workouts, shortening the time we need to be slim! Of course, the difficulty level can be adjusted accordingly because safety is always prioritized. For those who are more aggressive and want to get in shape as soon as possible, this unique approach definitely suits you the best!

source: h-kore
source: h-kore

4. XYZ

XYZ is the city’s unique articulation of the new wave of indoor cycling. Instead of using the conventional approach in which people have to run for a long time in order to burn their fat, XYZ, inspired by ‘spinning’ phenomenon that newly grew out, reinvented the way we exercise and allows us to keep fit by riding the bike! Cool right?

XYZ is just like a hidden cave, dimly lit, with a pumping sound system, relieving our stress, letting us escape from the city’s intensity. Between the plush studio and the advanced equipments, there are compelling workouts and dynamic instructors, tailor-making your fitness experiences to the finest where you can truly enjoy while you are working out!

source: lifestyleasia
source: lifestyleasia

5. Fight Hard Fitness

Fight Hard Fitness has been paying extra efforts on equating the best formulation for us to keep our bodies in shape by inputing different types of sports energy and characteristics in the equation. Therefore, it provides an array of programs, namely, Fat Torching Program, Lifestyle Dynamic Program, and Body-Mind-Spirit-Detox Program, which means that you can take Muay Thai, Boxing, TRX 360, Cross Fit, HIIT, yoga, dancing and more all in one place!

Here, no matter which age group are you in, whether you are sporty or not, you can always have an encouraging environment and professional advices that help you incorporate exercises in your life. You can build up your own fitness skills with regards to your formulas, so that the workouts won’t be too harsh for you!

source: brideandbreakfast
source: brideandbreakfast

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