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Top 7 Tips To Make Buying Watches in Hong Kong Easy

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  • June 23, 2020

For the past three decades, Hong Kong watches have contributed significantly to local tourism. There is little doubt that Hong Kong is a watch buyer’s wonderland. Millions of timepiece hunters from around the world flock to the city every year in search of valuable vintage watches, Hong Kong Watch Manufacturers, and the best local and international craftsmen. In 2017, Hong Kong topped the Swiss watch export list. For avid watch enthusiasts and the local tourism trade, this is excellent news. 

The pursuit of luxury is ingrained in Hong Kong, from cars to fashion and houses. Hong Kong has the highest per capita spending on luxury items in the world. It is no surprise that luxury watches in Hong Kong are high on the list of many inbound visitors. The vibrant city offers a complete range of luxury high-end timepieces, new or used, imported or locally made. With so many beautiful watches on offer, which watches would you choose?

There is more to a watch than just a timekeeping device. A perfect watch matches its wearer’s style perfectly. A wealthy life can not complete without a precious watch. Expert craftsmanship and the finest materials such as metals and stones are indispensable for making a handcrafted luxury timepiece.


Tips For Buying Watches In Hong Kong

The list of watch brands in Hong Kong is endless. A few tried and tested tips would certainly make shopping for watches much easier. Here’s the quick guide:

Cash Is King

It is not uncommon to buy watches in Hong Kong with stacks of cash. While credit card facilities are readily available, credit cards may limit the maximum amount you can spend in a single day. If you feel unsafe carrying too much cash, you are welcome to place a deposit down on the luxury watch of your choice and draw more money from the closest bank.

Get A Early Start

Finding the perfect watch takes time and it’s best to plan for a whole day out. With so many watch stores in the city, you simply cannot expect to see everything in just a few hours. While browsing watches online can get purchase ideas and make comparisons, it is still worthwhile to try the watches on and get in touch with the real pieces.

Quality Over Price

When comparing luxury watches, pricing should not be the sole factor. Look out for the best quality timepiece that matches your style. Luxury watches such as Rolex and Omega have launched exclusive ranges over the year for a specific market. Formula One fans will prefer wristwatches crafted by the title sponsor Rolex while Omega launched an exclusive range inspired by the Olympics. Find the perfect watch that takes your fancy.

Build Trust

There are many watch enthusiasts out there looking for the exquisite timepieces. The watch dealers know that building trust with customers is the key to get returning visits. Keep that in mind and stay in touch with trustful businesses who deliver high quality timepieces. Don’t be afraid to ask their contact number.

Avoid Unregistered Dealers

The biggest risk is to purchase from unregistered dealers. Many unscrupulous watch traders are selling fakes, albeit good fakes. It is for this reason that you need to get familiar with the watch you want to buy before buying your perfect wrist accessory.

Richard Mille

Know Your Brand

Decide beforehand what type of watches you want to buy. Do your own research – How much does the watch typically cost? How much is the sale price? How many stocks are available worldwide? Where was it made? It is also a good idea to compare local watch brands with imported ones. Decide whether you are looking for a brand new watch or a perfectly preserved second-hand one. If you choose to buy a second-hand luxury watch, set your maximum spending limit.

Enjoy The Experience

With so many people from around the world coming to the city, it’s hard not to get completely immersed in the watch business in Hong Kong. Be ready to spend enough time to explore and enjoy every minute of your search journey.

Manners Always

As with any busy international cities, Hong Kong watch markets and stores can get a little crowded from time to time. Always stay calm and wait for your turn. Having excellent manners is the first step to building relationships with watch traders in Hong Kong.

Where To Buy Watches In Hong Kong?

In general, there are three types of Hong Kong watch dealers: authorized dealers, used watch dealers, and new watch traders. They are all experts in the watch trade, locally and globally. Each dealer type has its pros and cons and you need to decide which is the best match for your choice.


Authorized Dealers

Authorized dealers are very much the same as labeled stores worldwide. When searching for Hong Kong watches online, you’ll easily find a detailed store directory list of authorized dealers. These traders are approved by luxury watchmakers to sell authentic high-end timepieces.

You’ll often find authorized dealers in large shopping centers. Buying from an authorized trader means that you won’t get counterfeit products. But there are fewer items to choose from and prices will not be negotiable.

New Watch Dealers

The new watch dealers in Hong Kong represent a high number of Hong Kong watch shops from online and physical stores. Be sure to take a visit. As the name suggests, these stores only stock new watches. Their well-established connections allow them to buy stocks from trade shows or authorized dealers either in Hong Kong or elsewhere in the world.The watches from these dealers often come with certificates signed in Hong Kong, Dubai or even the UK. If you are looking for a specific watch, your best bet would be to visit them. Within a couple of phone calls, you’ll probably find the watch you want. On the downside, you run a slightly higher risk of buying fake watches.


Watches In Hong Kong – Local vs International

Will you be investing in a high-profile international watch brand or a local one? Interestingly,  independent Hong Kong watch companies such as Void and Maven are poised to take over the niche luxury watch market soon. This change comes as more elite millennial customers tend to search for watches different from what their parents wore.

There are still many seeking timeless quality watches, such as vintage Quintel watches in Hong Kong, though one of the top search watch brands online is Omega. This shows that while the big names such as Rolex and Tag Heuer are all-time favourites, demand for timeless quality vintage watches is equally high.

Where To Buy Cheap Watches In Hong Kong?

The used watch market in Hong Kong is not only the biggest, but also the most interesting. Not only will you find a massive selection of used luxury watches from international brands, but you will also find stunning local watch brands ready for purchase. One benefit of buying used watch dealers in Hong Kong is the cheap prices they offer.

You can get an exclusive luxury used watch in Hong Kong for a price around 30% less than anywhere else in the world. Of course this comes with downsides: you need to spend much time to spot the best deal and you also run the risk of picking up a replica watch if you are inexperienced.

Where To Buy Fake Watches In Hong Kong?

While many watch enthusiasts and buyers go for luxury watches, others are looking out for the best watches in the replica market. In fact, there are manufacturers specializing in quality replica watches. These can be good alternatives to luxury timepieces such as Rolex, Hublot, Cartier, Bremont and Breitling. In many cases, these counterfeit watches are so “skillfully” crafted that they could easily trick the amateur watch lovers. You can get an excellent replica watch of your favorite brand in Hong Kong for just 60% of the price sold in the authorized dealer market.


Wandering through the meandering streets of Hong Kong’s watch market will leave even the most seasoned shopper in awe. Whether you are choosing to buy your next watch online, or heading into the streets of Hong Kong, you can only be spoilt for choices in one of the world’s most comprehensive watch  markets.

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