Ellesmere Gardens

Ellesmere Gardens
Ellesmere St, Manchester M15英国

This development is located in the sought after area of Castlefield and reflects the growing demand for stylish and sustainable inner city living. Apartments combine innovative design and attractive outdoor space in a 21st Century approach that mirrors the city’s ambitions.

Castlefield is an inner city oasis of quaint cobbled streets, canals and waterside al fresco dining. Britain’s first Urban Heritage Park – with its attractive canal basin, open spaces, converted mills, bridges and viaducts has become one of the city’s most sought-after residential areas. It is particularly popular with professionals who combine the undoubted lifestyle benefits with close proximity to the city centre and excellent road and rail access. With a heritage dating back to Roman times, Castlefield today offers vibrant, modern waterside living, complemented by appealing bars, restaurants, music and entertainment. Among the attractions are the celebrated Castlefield Bowl outdoor arena, the Castlefield Gallery and the popular Museum of Science and Industry. Castlefield is quite simply a haven at the heart of the city offering a more relaxed pace of life.

Castlefield location :

5 minute walk to The Bridgewater Canal Basin with its waterside bars and restaurants
5 minute walk to Cornbrook Metrolink station and access to the cross city tram network
5 minute walk to Deansgate station
easy access to Manchester’s motorway links
The development itself comprises of modern and stylish 1 and 2bed homes and is part of a pioneering project harnessing the convenience of inner city living with the attractions of appealing outdoor living space. Externally residents can enjoy a new public square, whilst internally residents can relax in their own private outdoor space or the serene communal roof gardens.

The development has already won awards for the concept of private, skyline retreats and tree-lined secluded courtyards making this even more of an enjoyable place to live.

428 - 759 呎
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