Railway Road Leigh WN7 - 7.7% yield buy to let

Railway Road Leigh WN7 - 7.7% yield buy to let
67 Railway Rd, Leigh WN7 4AD英国

Fully tenanted property at 7.7% yield.

Details of this property:
This property is a local council approved mix-use property that consists of a commercial unit on ground floor and a one-bedroom flat above.
It underwent an overhaul renovation in 2017 and now is in an excellent condition, well looked after by the tenants.
During the renovation in 2017, council opinion had been sought in the conversion to a mix-use property and worked closely with local council to bring this property to its current state.
The council approval documentation will be passed over to the new buyer.

Rental income:
The commercial tenant on ground floor is currently paying £475 each month, while the residential tenant in the one-bedroom apartment is currently paying £395 each month.
Both tenants are fully up-to-date with their rental payment.
This brings a total monthly income of £870, generating 7.7% yield.

Seller detail:
Seller has a set of property portfolio and is looking to cash out on this property.
The asking price of £135,000 is in line with the market in the area for this type of property.
Room for negotiation for interested cash buyer.

Viewing of the property over Zoom or Whatsapp can be arranged for interested buyer.

Feel free to click on the contact button if you have any questions.

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