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Sha Tin

Welcome to Sha Tin

Neighbourhood Features

Sha Tin, originally named Lik Yuen, encompasses the area south of Fo Tan to the north of Tai Wai, along both banks of the Shing Mun River. After extensive land reclamation, it has become the primary land for the current new town, accommodating approximately 690,000 residents.

The development of Sha Tin New Town centers around the Shing Mun River, extending towards the mountain ranges on both sides and expanding to areas like Ma On Shan and Wu Kai Sha. The district features historically significant cultural buildings such as Tsang Tai Uk and Che Kung Miu, preserving its traditional charm.

The heart of the area is Sha Tin Town Center, a bustling hub with numerous shops and eateries, surrounded by various shopping malls. It is adjacent to the Sha Tin MTR Station and the bus terminus, with proximity to Sha Tin Park, Sha Tin Town Hall, and the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, providing a well-rounded range of recreational facilities.

The transportation network within the district is well-developed. Since the addition of the East Rail Line's Admiralty Station, direct cross-harbor travel is possible from Sha Tin Station without the need for transfers. Additionally, residents can transfer to the Tuen Ma Line for travel to various districts in the New Territories. The Lion Rock Tunnel connects Sha Tin to Kowloon and makes commuting between Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories convenient.

Residential Distribution

Residential properties in the district are concentrated along both sides of the Shing Mun River and on the hillside. Some properties offer views of the Shing Mun River. Private residences near Sha Tin Station include New Town Plaza, Scenery Court, Hilton Plaza, Shatin Centre, and Wai Wah Centre. Close to the public transportation hub, these residences provide convenient access to nearby shopping malls, offering residents a diverse range of shopping options.

Private residences near City One and Sha Tin Wai Stations include City One Shatin, Belair Gardens, Shatinpark Stage 1, Greenwood Garden, and Garden Rivera. These properties are adjacent to the Ma On Shan Country Park, providing a green and scenic environment.

The hillside areas are primarily composed of village houses, such as Ngau Pei Sha Village and Chap Wai Kon New Village, offering lush green mountain views and a serene environment. Additionally, there are luxury residential projects in the hillside areas, including Dragons Range, St Michel, El Futuro, La Vetta, Le Cap, St Moritz, and Mount Regalia, providing a superior living environment.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Pictorial Garden HK$8.60M 1302 Sqft 2 Floor B
2023-04-28 Pictorial Garden HK$8.60M 912 Sqft HK$9,430 2 Floor B
2023-04-28 Yue Tin Court HK$5.43M 591/526 Sqft HK$10,333 2 Floor 2 41
2023-04-28 Yue Tin Court HK$5.43M 643/483 Sqft HK$11,242 2 Floor 2 41
2023-04-28 City One Shatin HK$5.00M 544/447 Sqft HK$11,186 1 Floor A 36
2023-04-28 Shatin Centre HK$5.25M 405/297 Sqft HK$17,677 5 Floor F 42
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Sha Tin Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Sha Tin are
15% higher
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Sha Tin Hong Kong