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Tai Wai

Welcome to Tai Wai

Neighbourhood Features

Tai Wai is located in the Sha Tin district of the New Territories, covering the valley between Lion Rock and Needle Hill. Historically, it was primarily composed of walled villages, and many traditional customs such as the Cheung Chau Bun Festival and the Hau Wong Festival are still preserved today. The area boasts traditional architecture, such as the Tai Wai Hau Wong Temple, adding to the rich cultural heritage.

With the completion of several public housing developments, the Tai Wai community has seen gradual improvement and development. Various housing estates, shopping malls, cycling paths, and playgrounds have been built to meet the shopping and recreational needs of residents.

The Tai Wai MTR Station has become a crucial transportation hub as it serves as an interchange station between the East Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line, enhancing connectivity in the New Territories. The construction of residential buildings and large shopping malls above the railway station further enhances the community's facilities.

Residential Distribution

Residential properties in the area are primarily around the Tai Wai MTR Station, Che Kung Temple Station, and the vicinity of Needle Hill and Lion Rock. The developments above the MTR station include newly completed properties like Festival City, The Pavilia Farm, and The Riverpark. Nearby estates include The Met. Acappella, Grandeur Garden, Grandway Garden, and The Garrison. Apart from the MTR station, there is a major bus and minibus interchange, providing convenient transportation, and the area features a concentration of restaurants and shops.

Near Needle Hill, there are luxury residences like Peak One and Pristine Villa. Subsidized housing like May Shing Court and Mei Chung Court are also nearby, offering a high degree of privacy and overlooking lush green mountain views. Closer to the Lion Rock area, there are more apartments and private estates, including King Tin Court, Golden Lion Garden and Parc Royale, providing a quieter and more serene environment.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Golden Lion Garden HK$2.00M 530 Sqft 2 Floor 6 38
2023-04-28 Parc Royale HK$12.15M 1207/942 Sqft HK$12,898 6 Floor B 29
2023-04-28 Parc Royale HK$12.15M 1207/942 Sqft HK$12,898 6 Floor B 29
2023-04-28 Fung Shing Court HK$3.95M 539 Sqft 1 Floor 6 39
2023-04-27 Grandeur Garden HK$5.00M 416/314 Sqft HK$15,924 1 Floor B 39
2023-04-27 Grandeur Garden HK$5.67M 463/340 Sqft HK$16,676 7 Floor A 39
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Tai Wai are
45% lower
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Tai Wai Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Tai Wai are
29% higher
Avg. Rental Price By No. of Bedrooms
Tai Wai Hong Kong