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Yau Ma Tei

Welcome to Yau Ma Tei

Neighbourhood Features

Yau Ma Tei is located in the western part of Kowloon, situated between Mong Kok, Kwun Chung, Ho Man Tin, and Jordan. Yau Ma Tei has a rich history and retains many historical buildings, including Yau Ma Tei Theatre, Yau Ma Tei Police Station, and Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market, which are nostalgic memories for the longtime residents.

Being an early developed area, Yau Ma Tei faced issues of overdevelopment due to insufficient regulations at that time, leading to high residential density and even the phenomenon of "Walled Buildings” . According to the Urban Renewal Authority's development plan, the government will gradually reconstruct Yau Ma Tei, revitalizing and conserving existing buildings while injecting modern elements into the area. Despite the dense architecture, there are still many entertainment and recreational venues in the district, such as the Yau Ma Tei Service Reservoir Rest Garden, providing a tranquil and serene environment. In terms of transportation, in addition to the Yau Ma Tei MTR station, Mong Kok station is also quite close, providing residents with the convenience of two railway stations. The Nathan Road area also has multiple bus and minibus routes connecting to various districts.

Residential Distribution

Residential areas in the district are concentrated around Nathan Road and the vicinity of King's Park. The residential locations along Nathan Road are more convenient, enjoying easy access to both rail and road transportation. Private buildings in this area include Lai Shing Building, Dickson Building, Shui Fung Building, and Yau On Court.

The area around King's Park is more serene, with more green landscapes such as Kowloon Tsai Shan and Kowloon Tsai Playground. The property prices are relatively higher in this area. Private buildings in this region include King's Park Hill, King's Park Villa, Parc Palais, The Regalia, and Wylie Court. Additionally, closer to Ferry Street, there is The Coronation, enjoying pleasant sea views.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-21 Honour House HK$4.25M 471 Sqft HK$9,023 1 Floor 4 54
2023-04-21 Honour House HK$4.25M 533 Sqft HK$7,981 1 Floor 4 54
2023-04-20 Parc Palais HK$15.00M 1731/1376 Sqft HK$10,901 1 Floor A 19
2023-04-20 The Coronation HK$7.50M 1041/478 Sqft HK$15,690 2 Floor A 10
2023-04-20 The Coronation HK$7.50M 621/799 Sqft HK$9,387 2 Floor A 10
2023-04-19 Say (Sze) Hay House (Mansion) HK$3.00M 228 Sqft 6 Floor C 27
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Yau Ma Tei are
31% lower
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Yau Ma Tei Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Yau Ma Tei are
14% higher
Avg. Rental Price By No. of Bedrooms
Yau Ma Tei Hong Kong