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Mong Kok

Welcome to Mong Kok

Neighbourhood Features

Mong Kok is located in the western part of Kowloon and is one of Hong Kong's famous tourist landmarks, known for its predominant commercial activities. Originally a Hakka village, it was not until the government undertook land reclamation and constructed typhoon shelters around 1900 that the area was officially developed and named Mong Kok.

Initially an industrial area, Mong Kok underwent a transformation into a mixed-use development zone in the 1950s, with many old buildings converted into shops or restaurants. Mong Kok features several distinctive streets such as Ladies' Market, Flower Market Road, and Tung Choi Street, offering a variety of goods for sale.

The district is home to numerous shopping malls, including Langham Place, MOKO, Argyle Centre, Mong Kok New Town Mall, Sino Centre, and Gala Place. With a plethora of shops and restaurants, these malls provide rich consumer choices. Serving as a bustling city center, Mong Kok's pedestrian footbridge network is very convenient, connecting various malls and Mong Kok Station to Mong Kok East Station.

In terms of transportation, the MTR Mong Kok Station and Mong Kok East Station provide convenient travel options for residents. Additionally, there are many bus and minibus routes along Nathan Road, making it easy to reach different districts in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories.

Residential Distribution

Residential areas in the district are around Nathan Road, Waterloo Road, and the Mong Kok East area. The Nathan Road area has a high building density, being close to the city center and more vibrant. This area features many old tenement buildings, including Flourish Mansion, Hong Ning House, Lung Ma Building, Foo Tat Building, Portland Building, Sun Kong House and Tak Fung Building.There are also some renovated residential projects such as Skypark and SOYO.

Wylie Road, near Ho Man Tin, has a lower building density, providing a relatively tranquil environment. Private buildings in this area include Fair Way Garden, Forum Court, Madera Garden, Peace Garden, Seven Victory Avenue, Sunland Court, and Yee On Court. As for the Mong Kok East area, close to Prince Edward, the environment is quieter. Private buildings in this area include Grand Excelsior, Hannover Court, Hillview Apartments, Kadooria, Kadoorie (Avenue) Mansion, Lucky Court, and St. George Apartments.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 470G, Reclamation Street HK$4.32M 204 Sqft HK$21,176 2 Floor A7
2023-04-28 Kadooria HK$58.00M 1571 Sqft HK$36,919 5 Floor St 8
2023-04-28 470G, Reclamation Street HK$4.12M 203 Sqft HK$20,296 5 Floor A3
2023-04-28 Kwong Fung Building HK$3.20M 325 Sqft HK$9,846 1 Floor O 58
2023-04-28 Kwong Fung Building HK$3.20M N/A 1 Floor O 58
2023-04-27 470G, Reclamation Street HK$8.35M 428 Sqft HK$19,509 1 Floor B8
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Mong Kok are
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Mong Kok Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Mong Kok are
122% higher
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Mong Kok Hong Kong