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Ho Man Tin

Welcome to Ho Man Tin

Neighbourhood Features

Ho Man Tin is situated in the western part of the Kowloon City district, north of King's Park and east of Mong Kok. Situated on relatively elevated terrain, it benefits from the Tuen Ma Line and Kwun Tong Line, coupled with its proximity to major roads such as Pui Ching Road, Fat Kwong Street, Chung Hau Street, Princess Margaret Road, and Waterloo Road, ensuring excellent transportation connections. Since the 1960s, Ho Man Tin has developed into a residential area with numerous prestigious schools, attracting many families to settle in the area.

Regarded as one of the luxury residential areas in Kowloon, Ho Man Tin features tranquil and beautiful surroundings, especially in areas like Kadoorie Hill and the upper hill of Kadoorie Avenue. Ho Man Tin boasts well-rounded living amenities, offering various recreational facilities, green spaces, small to medium-sized shopping malls, and several reservoir playgrounds. With its advantage of renowned schools, it has become a favored choice among middle-class individuals.

Residential Distribution

Residential properties in the area are around the Ho Man Tin MTR Station, in the vicinity of Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Kadoorie Hill, and upper Kadoorie Avenue. Housing projects above the Ho Man Tin MTR Station, like In One, enjoy the convenience of railway transportation. In the vicinity, there are newer developments such as Chatham Gate, Ultima, and, a bit farther, subsidized housing like Chun Man Court, Kwun Fai Court, Kwun Tak Court, Ho Man Tin Estate, and Oi Man Estate.

Near Hong Kong Metropolitan University, there are estates like Cascades, One Homantin, Mantin Heights, Celestial Heights, and Dragon View, located close to Ho Man Tin Plaza, playgrounds, bus and minibus stations, as well as multiple schools, providing better amenities. In the upper hill areas, the housing primarily consists of low-density luxury residences and standalone houses, including St. George's Mansions and Kadoorie Hill Garden. These properties offer larger unit areas, panoramic views, and high levels of privacy.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-26 One Homantin HK$13.38M 566/714 Sqft HK$18,739 7 Floor B 5
2023-04-25 Crystal Court HK$9.15M 845/769 Sqft HK$11,899 1 Floor D 56
2023-04-25 Crystal Court HK$9.15M 999/698 Sqft HK$13,109 1 Floor D 56
2023-04-24 Cambridge Court HK$12.10M 792/1069 Sqft HK$11,319 1 Floor B2 28
2023-04-21 Mantin Heights HK$10.50M 567/532 Sqft HK$19,737 1 Floor E 6
2023-04-21 Carmel on the Hill HK$8.16M 489 Sqft HK$16,687 9 Floor E 20
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Ho Man Tin are
34% lower
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Ho Man Tin Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Ho Man Tin are
18% higher
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Ho Man Tin Hong Kong