Aquana Beach Resort

Aquana Beach Resort
Eratap Beach,, Port Vila, Efate Island, 瓦努阿图

Absolutely Unique Commercial Tourism Resort Available in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

This enchanting resort is situated only minutes away from the capital of Vanuatu, with easy access to a nearly private lagoon and the Pacific Ocean beyond.

This unique resort offers panoramic views over several uninhabited private islands including its own stunning 15-hectare private island with lush forest and flora.

This gorgeous family run and built resort boasts 16 two bedroom bungalows, a large entrée with lobby, office and professional kitchen, two bars, a private jetty on the main land and the private island, kid’s playground, private pool, lagoon front dining area and nearly 4 kilometres of waterfront.

This incredible property spreads over 4 titles, encompassing a total of nearly 45 hectares.

The majority of the land area is yet to be developed which means there is enormous scope for further expansion of guest accommodation and the creation sport fields such as tennis courts or soccer pitches.

The calm waters of the lagoon are perfect for a variety of water sports and activities. Beyond the private island, where the lagoon meets the open sea, there is an abundance of coral and sea life making it ideal for diving or sport fishing.

The scenic private island has been preserved in order to create that deserted island feel and is currently only available on request for unique experiences such as photoshoots, weddings etc…

However, the lease title over the island is commercial, which means there is ample opportunity for the development of an exclusive casino, restaurant or further guest accommodation.

This one of kind, operating resort, presents the best of what Vanuatu has to offer to its visitors, and has never been on the market before.

Investors looking into Vanuatu for their own established slice of paradise or investors who want to take it to the next commercial level, there is no better tourism property currently on the market that Aquana Beach Resort.

Financials are available upon request.

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