Blue Lagoon Bungalows

Blue Lagoon Bungalows
Second Lagoon, Teouma Road, Port Vila, 瓦努阿图

This unique Bungalow Complex features 10 strata titled bungalows, which can be individually owned, or, as it is currently, all 10 owned by one individual.

Vanuatu is currently a COVID FREE country and a tax haven country.

Lagoon front Bungalow Complex Suitable for Short and Long Term Rent or to Conversion to a Tourism Business

This waterfront studio bungalow complex comprises 10 fully-furnished 56 m2 units, situated within five duplex bungalow style buildings.

Each unit enjoys unfettered access to a scenic, panoramic view over the lagoon and distant flora and fauna. This property offers considerable potential to build a deck or jetty (subject to planning permissions) and introduce lagoon water sports.

This complex is located in an urban area with full access to all mains and utilities. The sealed road to town, a mere 5-minute drive, makes this property ideal for short stay consultants, short term and long term tenants.

Communal facilities include a new office area, an indoor laundry, a swimming pool and barbecue area, a lagoon front garden and picnic area, wireless internet, cable TV, filtered water and air conditioning.

Ideal for an investor looking for an income and relaxed island lifestyle.

24218.8 - 24218.8 呎
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