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Tsing Yi

Welcome to Tsing Yi

Tsing Yi also referred to as Tsing Yi Island is an island that is located in the urban slice of Hong Kong and is home to three major bays. With the help of reclamation, the island has been tremendously extended and is divided into four quarters, where the northeast area forms the residential area of Tsing Yi. Tsing Yi is home to approximately 56,000 households or 200,000 residents so it is definitely far from being densely populated.
Buying a home in Tsing Yi gives you first hand access to a hilly and lush ambience complimented by a ton of nature’s best assets. Residential flats in Tsing Yi can be had in several variants and prices, so if you’re looking for a great deal on a mortgage or to buy a HK property outright, our real estate specialists can guide in the right direction.

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