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Stubbs Road

Welcome to Stubbs Road

Neighbourhood Features

Stubbs Road is a road that connects Happy Valley and the Wan Chai Gap, opening to traffic in 1923. The current Peak Road was once part of Stubbs Road. Lined with luxurious residences, it has become an upscale residential area, with several schools and some sections in close proximity to the Happy Valley Cemetery. Situated halfway up the hill, most residences along Stubbs Road enjoy unobstructed views. The presence of prestigious schools in the vicinity has attracted many affluent families to move in. Taking a minibus allows residents to reach the nearby bustling commercial district of Causeway Bay in about half an hour, providing ample options for consumption and entertainment. Additionally, there are bus and minibus routes on Stubbs Road, connecting to areas such as Wan Chai, Central, and Admiralty.

Residential Distribution

Residential properties along Stubbs Road are concentrated in the vicinity of Happy Valley, offering lush green mountain views. Private buildings in this area include Bellevue Court, Beverly Court, Chester Court, CraigMount, Crescent Heights, Evergreen Villa, Gallant Place, Greencliff, Greenville Gardens, Hanaevilla, Harmony, Highcliff, Josephine Court, K.Y. Mansion, Kensington Court, Leon Court, Nicholson Tower, Richery Garden, Shiu Fai Terrace Garden, Sheffield Garden and Stubbs Villa.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-27 Greenville Gardens HK$34.70M 1350/1411 Sqft HK$24,592 2 Floor B1 49
2023-04-27 Greenville Gardens HK$34.70M 1660/1200 Sqft HK$28,917 2 Floor B1 49
2023-03-28 Evergreen Villa HK$64.50M N/A 7 Floor A2 53
2023-03-08 Evergreen Villa HK$61.10M N/A 7 Floor A1 53
2023-02-23 Greenville Gardens HK$22.80M 1350/1202 Sqft HK$18,968 1 Floor D4 49
2023-02-13 Greenville Gardens HK$23.00M 1350/1202 Sqft HK$19,135 6 Floor D4 49
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Stubbs Road are
3% lower
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Stubbs Road Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Stubbs Road are
34% higher
Avg. Rental Price By No. of Bedrooms
Stubbs Road Hong Kong