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Happy Valley

Welcome to Happy Valley

Neighbourhood Features

Happy Valley, located in the southern part of the Wan Chai district on Hong Kong Island, was named after the nearby Happy Valley Racecourse. It is considered one of the upscale residential areas.

Since the completion of the racecourse in 1846 and the connection of the tram route to Happy Valley in 1904, the area has gradually developed. Due to its relatively secluded location near bustling districts, Happy Valley has attracted many high-income individuals to settle there, enjoying a tranquil environment and a high degree of privacy.

Surrounding the iconic Happy Valley Racecourse are numerous residential developments that offer views of the racecourse. It takes about 15 minutes by minibus to reach the commercial district of Causeway Bay, where several large shopping malls, including Times Square, Hysan Place, and SOGO, cater to the residents' shopping, dining, and entertainment needs.

In terms of transportation, the area is served by bus, minibus, and tram routes, providing access to various parts of Hong Kong Island, as well as connections to Causeway Bay or Wan Chai for further transportation options.

Residential Distribution

Residential properties are concentrated to the south of the racecourse and along Broadwood Road. The southern area of the racecourse hosts a cluster of private residential buildings, including Billion Terrace, Broom Garden, Celeste Court, Claymore Lodge, Eight Kwai Fong Happy Valley, Caroline Height, Malibu Garden, Palm Court, Regent Hill, San Francisco Towers, Shan Kwong Towers, Shuk Yuen Building, The Aster (Resiglow), The Altitude and The Urban Edition among others.

Situated at a higher elevation, the Broadwood Road area overlooks the Happy Valley cityscape and the racecourse. Some units on the eastern side of the buildings offer views of the sports field. Notable properties in this area include Beverly Hill, Broadwood Twelve, Jade Terrace, The Broadville, Villa Lotto and Villa Rocha.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Sun View Court HK$7.90M 720/478 Sqft HK$16,527 1 Floor A 39
2023-04-28 Sun View Court HK$7.90M 720/478 Sqft HK$16,527 1 Floor A 39
2023-04-26 Palm Court HK$13.80M 1050 Sqft 8 Floor 15 27
2023-04-25 Kam Shan Court HK$7.80M 677/468 Sqft HK$16,667 1 Floor A 48
2023-04-25 Kam Shan Court HK$7.80M 700/468 Sqft HK$16,667 1 Floor A 48
2023-04-24 Silver Star Court HK$17.88M 1088/840 Sqft HK$21,286 2 Floor A 43
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Happy Valley are
31% lower
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Happy Valley Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Happy Valley are
104% higher
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Happy Valley Hong Kong