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Home Ownership Scheme in Hang Hau

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All HOS Buildings in Hang Hau
Building Name Address Building Age Units
ON NING GARDEN 10 Sheung Ning Road, Hang Hau, Hong Kong 32 Year(s) 2,300
YUK MING COURT 10 Chiu Shun Road, Hang Hau, Hong Kong 26 Year(s) 1,500
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Recent Transactions
Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2022-04-27 FU NING GARDEN HK$6.19M 660/592 Sqft HK$10,456 1 Floor D 32
2022-04-27 YU MING COURT HK$6.76M 717/606 Sqft HK$11,155 1 Floor 2 28
2022-04-25 ON NING GARDEN HK$6.85M 691/583 Sqft HK$11,750 1 Floor E 32
2022-04-11 FU NING GARDEN HK$6.15M 660/592 Sqft HK$10,389 2 Floor C 32
2022-04-08 FU NING GARDEN HK$5.90M 660/592 Sqft HK$9,966 3 Floor J 32
2022-03-31 HIN MING COURT HK$3.25M N/A 3 Floor 10 26
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