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Mui Wo

Welcome to Mui Wo

Neighbourhood Features

Mui Wo is located in the eastern part of Lantau Island. The local economy relies primarily on tourism development, including dining and retail, vacation home rentals, and more. In the "Lantau Development Concept Plan," the government proposed renovating Mui Wo to improve the local environment and infrastructure.

Additionally, they plan to construct government-subsidized housing, including public housing and Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) flats. To facilitate the development of East Lantau, the government is undertaking reclamation projects in the waters near Mui Wo, aiming to promote water-based commercial activities in the area.

In addition to essential amenities such as civic buildings, Mui Wo also features Silver Plaza, a waterfront promenade, Silvermine Bay Beach, a cooked food market, and more, catering to residents' basic living needs. Furthermore, there are several schools, fire stations, clinics, and other facilities, ensuring a well-rounded living environment. In terms of transportation, aside from licensed vehicles, private cars are strictly prohibited from entering the area. Public transportation within the district relies on buses and ferries, connecting to places like Tai O, Tung Chung, and Central.

Residential Distribution

Most of the village houses in the area are concentrated on the western side of Wu Tip Shan, including Lim Po Tsuen, Luk Tei Tong Village, Ma Po Village, Mui Wo Kau Tsuen, Pak Ngan Heung Tsuen, Tai Tei Tong Tsuen, and more. Private residences are scattered around Silvermine Bay Road and the vicinity of the pier, encompassing developments like Gallop Court, Lucky Court, Mui Wo Centre, Regent Villa, Riverwalk, Scenic Crest, Sea Crest Terrace, Silver Waves Court, Wah Lam Villa, and others. Residences in this area are close to the coastline, offering some units picturesque views of Silvermine Bay.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-03-24 Gallop Court HK$3.00M 370 Sqft HK$8,108 2 Floor C2
2023-02-28 SILVER CENTRE BUILDING HK$2.74M 382/382 Sqft HK$7,173 5 Floor H 47
2023-02-23 Mui Wo Building HK$2.28M 245/208 Sqft HK$10,962 5 Floor 7 39
2023-02-23 Mui Wo Building HK$2.28M 245/245 Sqft HK$9,306 5 Floor 7 39
2022-11-21 Gallop Court HK$3.52M 402/411 Sqft HK$8,564 5 Floor C3
2022-09-09 Mui Wo Building HK$1.80M 244/175 Sqft HK$10,286 2 Floor 18 39
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Mui Wo are
73% lower
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Mui Wo Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Mui Wo are
29% lower
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Mui Wo Hong Kong