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Welcome to Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is tucked away on Hong Kong Island and accounts for slices of the Eastern and Wan Chai Districts. This area is a treat for shopping buffs, and is often claimed to be the city’s most prime shopping destinations with rabbit warren of streets flourished with family and independently owned shops and markets. Furthermore, Causeway Bay is especially famed for its independent and quirky fashion boutiques. The area may not be a popular tourist destination, but is packed with some of the best residential buildings in Hong Kong, which typically consists of high rise apartment blocks. Investing in properties in Causeway Bay is a great choice owing to the close reach of the major office buildings in the area and to enjoy unobstructed views of the harbor with a backdrop of the green mountains. When you’re looking for a unmatched bargain in Causeway, our HK mortgage experts can work up a deal you simply can’t refuse so get in touch today.

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