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Neighbourhood Features

Causeway Bay is one of the major commercial and retail hubs on Hong Kong Island, boasting numerous mixed-use buildings, hotels, and serviced apartments. The area underwent phased land reclamation starting in 1950 to develop its commercial shopping district. The completion of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel and the opening of the Island Line's Causeway Bay Station in 1972 further stimulated the district's development. Causeway Bay has been known as one of the most expensive retail rental districts globally, with consistently high rents over the years.

As a shopping hotspot, the area features several large shopping malls, including Times Square, Lee Gardens, Hysan Place, Sogo, and Windsor House, offering a diverse range of entertainment options, restaurants, and stores, catering to the daily needs of residents. Additionally, Causeway Bay provides ample community facilities, such as the expansive Victoria Park, the Hong Kong Central Library, and the Causeway Bay Sports Ground, providing ample space for various leisure activities.

In terms of transportation, in addition to the MTR, several major thoroughfares including Percival Street, Hennessy Road, Leighton Road, and Gloucester Road, are served by multiple bus, minibus, and tram routes, connecting to various districts in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and the New Territories.

Residential Distribution

Residential properties are primarily concentrated near Causeway Bay Station, Tai Hang, and Tin Hau. The residential buildings around Causeway Bay Station mostly consist of older standalone buildings, including Causeway Bay Mansion, Chee On Building, Cleveland Mansion, East South Building, Fairview Mansion, Great George Building, Hong Kong Mansion, Malahon Apartments, and Paterson Building.

In the vicinity of Tai Hang, there are more modern residential estates, such as Fontana Gardens, Illumination Terrace, Intelligent Court, Jones Hive, and Park Haven. Residential buildings near Tin Hau are relatively closer to the seaside, with some estates offering sea views. Notable properties in this area include DIVA, Jupiter Terrace, Mayson Garden Building, The Consonance and Victoria Centre.

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