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Considerations of buying Cambodia property

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam, in close proximity to China and India. It is also the fastest growing nation in the Southeast Asian region. In addition, average property prices are 2-10 times lower than those in neighbouring countries, which makes Cambodian property a fantastic investment option. Furthermore, this ASEAN member nation also has a large, youthful labor pool, and is buoyed by the US dollar. Its foreign investment policies are very friendly, with little on regulations regarding taxes and custom duties for foreigners. Reasons to invest in Cambodian property:

  • Low property prices
  • Low inflation levels
  • Political stability
  • Close proximity to key economic players in the region / close to Hong Kong
  • Strong on trade: Integrated with major trade organizations such as WTO and ASEAN, possesses preferential export access to many developed economies
  • Undergoing many projects to improve infrastructure
  • Low telecoms, internet and energy cost
  • Domestic consumer demand is growing

According to the 2010 Law on the Provision of Ownership Rights, foreigners are allowed rights of ownership over certain types of Cambodian property. Foreigners can only buy properties that have a “strata title”. Foreigners can also purchase property on a renewable lease. These regulations arise from the fact that foreigners are not able to directly buy land in Cambodia. They can only own land by either attaining Cambodian citizenship or through a local Cambodian company.