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Yuen Long

Welcome to Yuen Long

Strategically located in the New Territories West in Hong Kong, Yuen Long formerly UN Long was once a traditional market town, but this market area today is home to several prestigious Hong Kong homes, state of the art shopping malls and world class diners. If you’re searching for a home to rent or buy in the midst of all the comforts one could ask for, Yuen Long is the perfect neighborhood to explore.
This thriving residential and commercial neighborhood is not only a treat for tourists from across the globe, but buying a HK home here is an unrivalled bargain for property buffs. If you haven’t visited Yuen Long or are skeptical if your investment will pay off, simply browse through our neighborhood and building guides for real high quality photos of the area for reassurance. For a great mortgage rate on Hong Kong homes particularly Yuen Long, get in touch today at

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