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Welcome to Sheung Wan

Set on the North West slice of the Hong Kong Island, and once an early settlement of the British and significant part of the historical Victoria City, Sheung Wan is sometimes dubbed the upper district as it is located higher than the Wan Chai and Central HK Districts. Owing to this, it is a treat for buyers looking to enjoy unsurpassed vistas of the Hong Kong Island. The Sheung Wan area is unlike any other on the island as it is more reminiscent of the Older Hong Kong.
A short walk down the streets will help you experience history like never before with antique shops, dry fruit trading companies, ancient temples notably the Man Mo Temple and post war low rise apartments. Although there are several ancient Chinese low rises in the area, Sheung Wan has recently seen a large number of modern residential developments particularly in and around Hollywood Road. Sheung Wan is a prime location for investors due to its rising real estate prices, its rich history and raw local characteristics, so get your share of the pie today!

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