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Sai Wan Ho

Welcome to Sai Wan Ho

Tucked away on the northwestern shore of the Hong Kong Island, Sai Wan Ho dubbed SoHo is a predominant residential area that is sandwiched between Quarry Bay and Kei Wan. It offers a relaxed ambience filled with waterfront parks, cafes, pubs, world class diners and even art galleries. Buying a HK property in Sao Wan Ho is a great choice for those home buyers looking for a break from busy and noisy city life. You can hover to our interactive maps to locate Homes currently available in Sai Wan Ho or take a look at high quality photos to get acquainted with the area.
Until a few years ago, Sai Wan Ho was flourished with squatter settlements but owing to rapid developments by Taikoo Shing is now highlighted with waterfront luxurious private estates and high rises. For a great HK mortgage and deal on a home in Hong Kong particularly Sai Wan Ho, get in touch today at

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