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Amazing DIY Wall Treatments that Turn Boring into WOW

Personalizing a space makes it feel more homey and inviting. Thinking of creative treatments for the bland, boring walls in your home or apartment is half the fun; the other half is in coming home to your creation every day and falling in love all over again. Even if you fall out of love with your experiment, you can always change it up for something new and in the process enjoy feeling like an artist.

We’ve got some great ways to freshen up your walls. Check them out and proceed as directed or put your own personal spin on any of the following suggestions.


Yes, you hear it all the time: a coat of paint is the cheapest and easiest way to freshen up your home’s look. It’s still true. Choose a bold colour to put on a feature or focal wall, paint every wall in a room the same colour, or try out some patterns.

If you’re looking for something more exciting than a solid wash of colourful paint, there are a number of faux painting techniques that do not take long to master. Turn your living room into a Tuscan villa by applying a faux plaster look to the walls or get subtle texture by using a large brush to create a linen-type weave. And don’t forget that you can use paint to add pattern: stripes, polka-dots, clouds, and stencilled patterns all over the wall or as borders, for example.


When you want big impact, wall murals are one way to get it. Murals have come a long way in the last few decades, and today’s murals are very high quality and can be just about any design—from daintily elegant to outrageously loud and fun. Where wallpapers are most often a repeating pattern or texture printed onto paper and then glued to a wall, murals can be images, abstract art, patterns, and more. Murals do not add texture like wallpaper.

There are plenty of online companies that specialise in printing murals to your specifications. You can have them use one of your own images or browse the hundreds of options to find the one that suits your personality and completes your home.


Who doesn’t need more storage space? When storage at floor level is at a premium, go up—up the walls, that is. Make your own shelves by visiting your home improvement store for boards, brackets, paint, and screws, or buy pre-made shelving from home décor stores.

DIY Wall Art

Want to hang something original that no one else has? Then make your own wall art. You can use squares or rectangles of beautiful wall paper, textiles, or even children’s artwork. Slide your material into an interesting frame to give it even more impact, or use identical frames to unite a collection of art. Hang your new art on a wall that needs sprucing up.

It’s time to make your home an expression of your unique creativity by playing up your walls. Sift through your options, and we bet you will have a hard time deciding on just one.

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