Buying a condo, apartment, or home in Hong Kong or Singapore is an exciting experience and will likely be a good financial investment. In these real estate markets, there is high demand and often prime properties go quickly (sometimes in a matter of hours), so it is important to do sufficient research before you start house hunting, so you can proceed with confidence before the best properties are sold.

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Where To Look

One of the first things to decide on is what area of town you’re interested in. Make a list of several neighbourhoods that you’d be happy living in, or that are in high demand areas where real estate is going quickly and will be easy to sell.

Dream Home Checklist

After you’ve determined the area, make a list of the features and amenities you want in a home. Make sure you consider things like laundry facilities and storage space (which is usually hard to find, but is often available affordably at self-storage facilities in the area).

Special Considerations

Make sure you take into consideration any special considerations that would make you enjoy your new home more. Do you want to be near work, a great coffee shop, bars, or the city center of art and culture? If you have pets or children, check out the availability of nearby outside space, such as parks or walking trails. You’ll also want to factor in walkability (how close restaurants, your work, public transit stations, and places of interest are to the property).