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Pok Fu Lam

Welcome to Pok Fu Lam

Pok Fu Lam is an exclusive residential area in Hong Kong Island and is located on the western tip of the Southern District. The area is a first for several elements on history starting with the place where Hong Kong’s floral design was conceived. Furthermore, it is also the area for the first dairy farm and the first reservoir. Owing to this notoriety, Pok Fu Lam is highlighted by several commercial and residential towers that can be had on rental basis or backed by a mortgage.
If you’re looking for a property in Pok Fu Lam, we have an interactive map powered by the latest technology to display all the properties available at the moment. We also encourage you to browse through our photo centric building and neighborhood guides to get a feel for Pok Fu Lam homes and other commercial and residential Hong Kong properties for rent and sale.

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