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Welcome to Fanling

Neighbourhood Features

Fanling is located in the eastern part of the New Territories and is one of the new town developments. The town center has gradually transformed into residential areas, while the remote outskirts still retain numerous farmlands. Being one of the earliest places with a train station, Fanling is the central area in the northern New Territories. With the development of Luen Wo Hui, the district has seen the addition of various community facilities, including Luen Wo Hui Sports Centre, public libraries, and a variety of eateries and shops to meet residents' basic needs. The government is planning to develop the northeast of Fanling into a new development area, creating a riverside town. Additionally, to address the housing demand resulting from population growth, the government plans to reclaim the Fanling Golf Course for the construction of public housing.

Fanling is a gathering place for various religious institutions, creating a strong religious atmosphere in the area. In addition to recreational facilities such as Fanling Playground, North District Park, and Fanling Hong Lok Park, there are several shopping malls like Fanling Centre, Fanling Town Centre, and Union Plaza Shopping Arcade to meet residents' daily shopping needs, providing comprehensive lifestyle amenities. In terms of transportation, the East Rail Line has added a cross-harbor section, significantly reducing residents' travel time to Hong Kong Island. Moreover, commuting to and from mainland China is convenient, with only two stations away from the Luohu Port border crossing.

Residential Distribution

Residential areas in the district are mainly concentrated around Fanling Station and Wo Hop Shek. The residences near Fanling Station are adjacent to Fanling Road, enjoying convenient transportation and lifestyle amenities. Private buildings in this area include Fanling Town Center, Belair Villa, Camellia Court, Cheerful Park, Eden Garden, Fanling Centre, Greenpark Villa, Vienna Gardens, and Glamour Garden.

There are also some public housing estates mixed in, such as Cheung Wah Estate, Ka Fuk Estate, and subsidized housing like Century Court. The Wo Hop Shek area covers different types of housing with lower residential density. Private buildings like Avon Park, Dawning Views, as well as subsidized housing like King Shing Court, Yan Shing Court and Yung Shing Court are present. Near the northern part of Fanling, there are also a few low-density private buildings such as One Innovale and On Lok Garden.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Yan Shing Court HK$4.15M 827/645 Sqft HK$6,434 1 Floor 4 30
2023-04-28 Yan Shing Court HK$4.15M 827/645 Sqft HK$6,434 1 Floor 4 30
2023-04-27 Yan Shing Court HK$2.60M 515/401 Sqft HK$6,484 1 Floor 8 30
2023-04-27 Yan Shing Court HK$2.60M 515/401 Sqft HK$6,484 1 Floor 8 30
2023-04-27 Ka Shing Court HK$3.18M 742/546 Sqft HK$5,824 1 Floor 13 28
2023-04-27 Ka Shing Court HK$3.18M 748/541 Sqft HK$5,878 1 Floor 13 28
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