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South Lantau

Welcome to South Lantau

Neighbourhood Features

Southern Lantau refers to the southern part of Lantau Island, specifically the area around the South Lantau Country Park. Along the coast, there are some low-density residential areas that face the mountains and overlook the sea, offering excellent views. Southern Lantau has multiple hiking trails, attracting many hiking enthusiasts. With several beaches and campsites nearby, it serves as an ideal location for outdoor recreational activities.

Due to its distance from the city center, the amenities in the Southern Lantau area are not fully developed. Residents looking to purchase daily necessities can take buses to Tung Chung town center. Buses are also available to Mui Wo, where residents can transfer to ferries to reach the city center. The government is actively expanding the development of Southern and Northern Lantau, which will significantly improve the transportation network in the area.

Residential Distribution

Residential areas in Southern Lantau are primarily located around South Lantau Road. Private residential developments in this area include Acacia Villa, Bahama Garden, Butterfly Crest, Beach View, Botanica Bay, Cheung Sha Villas, Cheung Fu Villa, Golden Coast, LONG GREEN, Leyburn Villas, Long Breeze, Michelia, Mt. La Vie and 21-23, Cheung Fu Street. Most of these residences offer unobstructed 180-degree sea views, especially towards the Cheung Sha area.

Additionally, there are some village houses in the region, such as Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen, Cheung Sha Sheung Tsuen, Ham Tin Kau Tsuen, Ham Tin San Tsuen, Pui O Lo Wai Tsuen, Pui O San Wai Tsuen, Shap Long Kau Tsuen, Shui Hau Village, and Tai Long Wan Village.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2020-12-16 Botanica Bay HK$100.00M 4711 Sqft HK$21,227 -
2018-09-28 Silver Shore Villa HK$8.45M 853/798 Sqft HK$10,589 - 15 28
2018-08-03 Silver Shore Villa HK$11.10M 1034/967 Sqft HK$11,479 - 2 28
2018-07-23 Leyburn Villas HK$10.50M 1001 Sqft HK$10,490 - D24 43
2018-07-18 Sea Ranch HK$3.50M 1240 Sqft HK$2,823 - 7B 45
2018-06-29 Sea Ranch HK$1.40M 666 Sqft HK$2,102 - 13D 45
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in South Lantau are
76% lower
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South Lantau Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in South Lantau are
8% lower
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South Lantau Hong Kong