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Clear Water Bay

Welcome to Clear Water Bay

Neighbourhood Features

Clear Water Bay is located in the southeastern part of the Clear Water Bay Peninsula in the Sai Kung District. It is a popular destination for outdoor activities and recreation, characterized by two beautiful beaches, Clear Water Bay First Beach and Clear Water Bay Second Beach. The scenic beauty, clear waters, and fine sand have attracted many high-income and expatriate residents, creating a low-density residential area.

In addition to the beaches, Clear Water Bay Country Park is also a popular hiking destination with lush green landscapes that attract numerous visitors. For daily necessities, residents can visit the Clear Water Bay Road Shopping Center within the area.

The journey to Sai Kung town center takes only 10-20 minutes by car, providing more options for shopping and consumption. The renowned Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is located to the north of Clear Water Bay. In terms of transportation, there are bus and minibus routes connecting the area to Diamond Hill, Tseung Kwan O, Hang Hau, Po Lam, Kwun Tong, and other places.

Residential Distribution

Residential developments in the area are mainly concentrated along Hiram's Highway and Clear Water Bay Road, roughly divided into two residential areas, namely the northern and southern areas. Most residences consist of villas and detached houses, with some waterfront estates enjoying endless sea views.

In the northern residential area, closer to the inland area of Tseung Kwan O, transportation is relatively convenient. Residential estates in this area include Aegean Villa, Bella Vista, Buena Vista, Casa Bella, Clear Water Bay Knoll, Dragon Lake Villa, Fullway Garden, Green Park, Hawaii Garden, La Casa Bella, Las Pinadas,Mount Pavilia, Pik Sha Garden, Pine Villas, Scenic View Villa, Silver Strand Lodge, Solemar Villas, Serenity Peak, Silver View Lodge, The Villa Horizon, Villa Tahoe, among others. Among them, Mount Pavilia is a relatively large-scale luxury residential project, and most residents enjoy beautiful mountain or sea views.

As for the southern residential area, surrounded by the sea on three sides, residents here enjoy more expansive sea views. Residential estates in this area include Villa Panova, Caribbean Villa, Ha Yeung, Little Palm Villa, Mau Po, Ocean View Lodge, Sea Breeze Villa, Seacrest Villas, Sheung Yeung, The Portofino, among others.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Oscar By The Sea HK$6.90M 632/482 Sqft HK$14,315 4 Floor G 22
2023-04-28 Sussex Lodge HK$8.60M 506 Sqft HK$16,996 5 Floor F 35
2023-04-27 Pik Shui Sun Tsuen HK$7.37M 267 Sqft HK$27,603 6 Floor F
2023-04-27 Sussex Lodge HK$2.00M 515 Sqft 2 Floor E 35
2023-04-27 Sussex Lodge HK$9.30M 597 Sqft HK$15,578 1 Floor D 35
2023-04-27 Sussex Lodge HK$2.00M 431 Sqft HK$4,640 2 Floor E 35
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Clear Water Bay are
36% lower
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Clear Water Bay Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Clear Water Bay are
3% lower
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Clear Water Bay Hong Kong