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Wong Tai Sin

Welcome to Wong Tai Sin

Neighbourhood Features

Wong Tai Sin is located in the northeastern part of the Kowloon Peninsula. The district is home to the Wong Tai Sin Cultural Garden, which combines Chinese and Western cultures, providing residents with rich recreational facilities. Additionally, the area boasts ample community amenities, including community centers, Temple Mall, and the Muk Lun Street Playground, catering to residents' basic entertainment needs. Serving as a transportation hub connecting the Tate's Cairn Tunnel and Lion Rock Tunnel, Wong Tai Sin has a well-connected transportation network with multiple bus and minibus routes to various areas in Hong Kong. Wong Tai Sin MTR Station further enhances the transportation infrastructure.

Residential Distribution

Residential developments in the area are primarily concentrated north and south of Lung Cheung Road. On the north side of Lung Cheung Road, there are mainly subsidized housing options, including public housing estates like Wong Tai Sin Upper Estate, Chu Yuen South Estate, and Chu Yuen North Estate. The private housing options in this area include developments like Tin Wang Court, Tin Ma Court, Pang Ching Court, Ying Fuk Court, and Tsui Chuk Garden. There are also a few private estates such as Tropicana Gardens and Hsin Kuang Centre.

On the south side of Lung Cheung Road, there is a large public housing estate, Wong Tai Sin Lower Estate, and a few private developments like Kai Tak Garden and Lions Rise. This area is close to the Morse Park and Choi Hung Road Playground, providing residents with comprehensive entertainment and leisure facilities.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-24 Lions Rise HK$10.68M 1078 Sqft 1 Floor C 11
2023-04-24 Lions Rise HK$14.73M 1056 Sqft 3 Floor A 11
2023-04-24 Lions Rise HK$10.68M 827 Sqft HK$12,914 1 Floor C 11
2023-04-24 Lions Rise HK$14.73M 812 Sqft HK$18,140 3 Floor A 11
2023-04-21 Lions Rise HK$14.00M 980 Sqft 2 Floor C 11
2023-04-21 Lions Rise HK$14.00M 764 Sqft HK$18,325 2 Floor C 11
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