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Discovery Bay

Welcome to Discovery Bay

Neighbourhood Features

Discovery Bay is located in the northeast of Lantau Island, forming a privately developed town in the Outlying Islands district. It covers several bays and is surrounded by continuous mountains, primarily developed for private residential purposes.

Originally a coastal village, Discovery Bay evolved into a resort housing development, integrating residences, hotels, recreational, and vacation facilities. Since the completion of Chek Lap Kok Airport, the government gradually connected Lantau Island to the urban areas, and Discovery Bay is now linked to Tsing Ma Bridge and the airport, significantly improving the transportation network.

Discovery Bay boasts picturesque scenery, exuding an exotic atmosphere, with buildings surrounding various bays. The living environment is comfortable, making it popular among expatriates. The area features amenities such as beach playgrounds, leisure gardens, community halls, recreational clubs, and a golf club, with nearby hiking trails.

There are also shopping complexes in the area, including DB Plaza, DB North Plaza, and DB Commercial Centre, offering various shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and department stores for convenient shopping. In terms of transportation, Discovery Bay provides ferry and bus services, transporting residents to and from urban areas such as Central and Sunny Bay.

Residential Distribution

Residential areas are distributed in Discovery Bay North and the City Centre. In the Discovery Bay North area, residences are adjacent to Yi Pak Wan, with nearby schools, supermarkets, dining options, and hotels.

Examples of private residences in this area include Discovery Bay Phase 14 Amalfi, Discovery Bay Phase 13 Chianti, Discovery Bay Phase 5 Greenvale Village, Discovery Bay Phase 11 Siena One, Discovery Bay Phase 10 Neo Horizon Neo Horizon II (Block 2), Discovery Bay Phase 1 Parkridge Village, Discovery Bay Phase 16 Poggibonsi, and Discovery Bay Phase 15 Positano.

The City Centre refers to the vicinity around Discovery Bay Plaza near the Discovery Bay Pier. Private residences in this area include Discovery Bay Phase 4 Peninsula Village Capeland Drive, Discovery Bay Phase 8 La Costa, Discovery Bay Phase 7 La Vista, Discovery Bay Phase 9 La Serene, Discovery Bay Phase 3 Hillgrove Village, Discovery Bay Phase 2 Midvale Village, and Discovery Bay Phase 3 Parkvale Village.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-25 Discovery Bay HK$7.00M 891 Sqft 8 Floor E 41
2023-04-25 Discovery Bay HK$7.00M 757 Sqft HK$9,247 8 Floor E 41
2023-04-20 Discovery Bay HK$5.00M 724 Sqft 1 Floor H 41
2023-04-20 Discovery Bay HK$5.00M 610 Sqft HK$8,197 1 Floor H 41
2023-04-18 Discovery Bay HK$8.70M 1136 Sqft 1 Floor E 41
2023-04-18 Discovery Bay HK$8.70M 822 Sqft HK$10,584 1 Floor E 41
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Discovery Bay are
64% lower
Avg. Sale Price By No. of Bedrooms
Discovery Bay Hong Kong
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Rental Price Comparison
Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Discovery Bay are
9% lower
Avg. Rental Price By No. of Bedrooms
Discovery Bay Hong Kong
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