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Gold Coast / So Kwun Wat

Welcome to Gold Coast / So Kwun Wat

Neighbourhood Features

Golden Coast is located along Castle Peak Road - Castle Peak Bay, in the New Territories. It is a reclaimed area that combines residential, tourism, and entertainment elements. So Kwun Wat, on the other hand, is a predominantly low-density residential area situated southeast of Tuen Mun, characterized by its mountainous backdrop and coastal setting.

Taking advantage of its superior geographical environment, the government has undertaken residential development in the area to increase housing supply. Golden Coast, as a key project, features a large hotel, shopping mall, yacht club, beach, and private residential estates, providing a rich array of entertainment and lifestyle facilities. Close proximity to Golden Beach, the yacht club, and international schools creates a pleasant living environment, attracting a significant number of expatriates.

In the adjacent So Kwun Wat, which is a new development area, some traditional villages are still preserved, retaining part of the original character while developing low-density residential properties. Community facilities in the area are still under development, including public transportation facilities.

For daily needs, residents can visit the Golden Coast Shopping Mall, and for more shopping and dining choices, Tuen Mun Town Center is easily accessible. In terms of transportation, bus and minibus routes along Castle Peak Road connect to Tuen Mun Road Bus-Bus Interchange, providing access to various districts in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

Residential Distribution

The residential area is mainly divided by Castle Peak Road and Tuen Mun Road. To the west of Castle Peak Road, the properties are generally low-density luxury houses, with many being detached houses. Some new developments offer both high-rise apartments and houses.

Private residences in the coastal area west of Castle Peak Road include Beaulieu Peninsula, Hong Kong Gold Coast, Aegean Coast, Monte Carlo Villas, Palm Beach, Pearl Garden, Pearl Island Garden, Pearl Island Bungalow, Royal Cove, Spring Seaview Terrace, Ka Wo Seaview Villas, The Drake, Villa La Plage, Peridot Court and more. Most of these estates enjoy unobstructed sea views.

There are also estates located between Castle Peak Road and Tuen Mun Road, such as The Royale Phase 1 Seacoast Royale, The Royale Phase 2 Starfront Royale, The Royale Phase 3 Skypoint Royale, The Carmel, and Oma by the Sea. However, potential noise issues should be considered.

Private residences along Tuen Mun Road, near Tai Lam Country Park, include Avignon, Emerald Bay, Le Pont, NAPA, and Oma Oma. This area features lower building density, greater distance between estates, good privacy, and a serene environment.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2023-04-28 Oma by the Sea HK$12.00M 828 Sqft HK$14,493 1 Floor A1 3
2023-04-28 Oma Oma HK$9.86M 627 Sqft HK$15,726 1 Floor A 3
2023-04-27 Napa HK$6.83M 509/558 Sqft HK$12,240 1 Floor D 6
2023-04-27 Napa HK$9.00M 509/849 Sqft HK$10,601 9 Floor D 6
2023-04-25 Oma Oma HK$5.09M 446 Sqft HK$11,413 1 Floor C 3
2023-04-24 Ocean Camino Phase 2 HK$19.00M 1087 Sqft HK$17,479 1 Floor A
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Gold Coast / So Kwun Wat are
66% lower
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Gold Coast / So Kwun Wat Hong Kong
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Compared to other listings in Hong Kong, prices in Gold Coast / So Kwun Wat are
26% higher
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Gold Coast / So Kwun Wat Hong Kong