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Sha Tau Kok

Welcome to Sha Tau Kok

Neighbourhood Features

Sha Tau Kok is located in the northern part of the New Territories, spanning the border with Shenzhen's Yantian District. In the past, most residents lived in seaside huts, but the majority have now relocated to Sha Tau Kok Estate. After being designated a restricted area, the population in the region declined. In recent years, the government has gradually opened up the area, developing it into a tourist attraction and providing employment opportunities for local residents. Sha Tau Kok has an immigration control point, which is only accessible to individuals traveling through in vehicles.

The Sha Tau Kok Bus Terminus has bus and minibus routes connecting to the Sheung Shui town center. Residents can travel to Sheung Shui to purchase daily necessities and find various shops and restaurants to meet their daily consumption needs. Additionally, for commuting to and from Kowloon and other urban areas in the New Territories, residents can transfer to other modes of transportation at Tai Wo or the Tai Wo Market Center.

Residential Distribution

Residential areas are concentrated near Sha Tau Kok Estate, where there are comprehensive amenities including playgrounds, recreational parks, schools, and markets. Private residences in this area include Greenside Paradise, Kam Tong Building, Kam Hing Building, Kam Wo Building, and Marin Point. In the outskirts near Ma Tseuk Leng, there is also the residential development called Lakeland.

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Transaction Date Building Name Price Area Price per Sqft Floor Flat Building Age
2022-08-22 Marin Point HK$3.72M 390 Sqft HK$9,538 2 Floor P
2022-08-22 Marin Point HK$3.72M N/A 2 Floor P
2022-07-19 Marin Point HK$4.48M 438 Sqft HK$10,228 3 Floor F
2022-07-05 Marin Point HK$5.52M 467 Sqft HK$11,820 5 Floor C
2022-06-16 Marin Point HK$6.41M N/A 3 Floor E
2022-06-09 Marin Point HK$3.60M N/A 3 Floor H
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