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Welcome to Fo Tan

Fo Tan is a slice of the Sha Tin District and was initially marketed as a light industrial area. However, times change and so did Fo Tan, which today is appointed with a ton of homes both big and small towards the east mainly parallel with the MTR Line. For HK properties currently up for grabs in Fo Tan, hover to our state of the art interactive maps sections and check out several homes in the neighborhood. You can even use the onboard search feature to locate other properties in Hong Kong for sale and rent in Hong Kong.
Don’t know what an area looks like? We’ve got you covered with our neighborhood and building guides section, which is powered by authentic and high quality of photos that showcase the unique characteristics of each area. With close proximity of the river – Fo Tan Nullah, there is a beach dubbed River Beach, and there is also the Chinese University within strolling distance.

On the Map
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